Deputy of The Chief Public Prosecutor in Ankara Ramazan Dinç, who is conducting the investigation, wrote a writing to the Chief Public Prosecutors and the General Directorate of Security, Department of Terrorism (TEM) in Konya and Tokat. In the response at the end of the investigations, it is reported that there is not any information and evidence about camps providing armed training.

Upon this, the Deputy of Chief Prosecutor in Ankara Dinç decided that there was no place for prosecution regarding the allegations of Akşener. Remarkable evidences were in the non-prosecution decision. In the decision, It was noted that there was no determination as a result of the investigations and researches on the allegations that military camps providing armed training were established, and that there are no evidence, suspicion, and crime that required to file a case other than an abstract claim related to the event.

Akşener had said that the photographs were shown to her by a person working in the public claiming that armed training was provided to civilians in Tokat countryside. Akşener said; “There was no video recording. The photographs belonged to the camps where armed training was given to civilians in the Tokat countryside. He took photographs back without leaving them to me. I do not have concrete information about the issue related to where, by whom and who are given armed training.”.