Advanced Combat Training Programmes

Initial Requirements for Courses:

Candidates must have succesfully completed some major trainings before and gained the skills listed below;

  1. Knowledge of Basic Military Rules and Techniques
  2. 7200 meters run with 20 kg backpack in 52 minutes or less
  3. %60 + achievement on rifle and pistol shootings

Candidates showing success during tests of above requirements are accepted into the Advanced Individual Combat Training Programmes. 

Training Subjects:

During The Advanced Individual Combat Trainings, all of the drills taught to trainees are practiced in terrain by professional trainers with the special equipments supplied for every individual trainee. The main subjects taught to trainees are as below;

  1. Close-Order Drill
  2. Weapons Mechanics Course and Shooting Training
  3. Intelligence
  4. Protection from direct or indirect enemy fires
  5. Survival –Evasion, Recovery Tecniques (Basic)
  6. Assault tactics and tecniques under enemy fire
  7. Judging Distance
  8. Land Navigation, Map Survey, Target Identification Procedures, Navigation with Compass 

Skills to be gained at the end of the Course:

At the en of the course, candidates showing qualifications of;

  1. Put the map in direction and ready symbols
  2. Quick İntroduction of a Target in terrain
  3. Course of Action in Engagements
  4. Survival Procedures

are awarded with the “Certificate of Individual Combat Expert”… 

Duration of Course:

Trainings including therotical trainings, practises and simulations last 4 weeks in total