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Border Security Stations Training Programmes

Border Security StationInitial Requirements for The Course

In order for candidates to be accepted into trainings, candidates must be;

  1. Mentally and Physically Healthy Enough for Basic Military Orientation Trainings
  2. Educated Enough for communications during trainings

Candidates who match the qualifications on initial inspections and examinations are accepted into the courses.

Subjects Of Trainings

The Border Security Stations Basic&Advanced Course includes;

  1. Military Orientation Trainings
    1. Basic and Advanced Combat PT (Physical Training) Drill
    2. Close Order Drill
    3. Individual Combat Training
    4. Weapons Mechanics, Marksmanship and Shooting Trainings
  2. Battle Drills at Company Level
    1. Border Security Duty Circles and Patrolling
    2. Counter Operations against Raids and Sabotages
    3. Border Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Trainings
    4. Station Security Measures
    5. Border Protection and Border Security Measures
    6. Squad Maneuvers, Reconnaissance and Ambush Trainings

Qualifications To Be Gained At The End Of The Course

At the end of the course, Trainees get qualified enough to;

  1. Know Required Military Rules and Techniques
  2. Know Required Combat Techniques and Drills
  3. Get Mental and Physically Toughness Required for Combat Environments
  4. Gain Ability to Use Self Weapons and Gears
  5. Become Capable of Conducting Border Safety Duties

Trainees who successfully complete the course are awarded with "Border Security Stations Basic&Advanced Course Completion Certificate".

Duration Of The Course

The "Border Security Stations Basic&Advanced Course, including therotical trainings, practices and simulations last 8 weeks in total.