Michael RUBİN twitter hesabının erişiminin engellenmesi hakkındaki talebimiz


  1. The US citizen and pentagon officer Michael RUBIN published through his Twitter account https://twitter.com/mrubin1971 statements and accusations that are far from the facts and contain insults and slanders far from reality, with the intention of offending personal rights and defaming the commercial reputation that targets Society and public opinion, headed by the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, legitimate government, and my client known by its short name SADAT, International Defense Consulting Construction Industry and Trade Contribution.
  2. SADAT International Defense Consulting Construction Industry and Trade Contribution, known as SADAT in short, is established and operates in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code and operates according to the law. Its founders, partners and employees are legally respectful and immaculate history. There is no single suspicious activity to be illegal, even as a legal person or individuals. SADAT is infallible from any unsightly, unsupported imputation. All activities of the client company are under the law under the Turkish Commercial Code and other legal regulations, under which all entities of the state are examined and a commercial entity without a legitimate, transparent, covert business without any lawless conduct.
  3. Therefore, the subject of the request account via the link https://twitter.com/mrubin1971 in which harsh words were used against the client company without researching facts and without actually knowing about it, and it is obvious that it contains lies, errors, insults, and statements with the purpose of slander, as part of the campaign Intentional defamation that seriously harms the business reputation and personal rights of the company.
  4. Matter on request, from a twitter account with the extension https://twitter.com/mrubin1971 ;
    • Michael Rubin verified account  @mrubin1971 9 Apr ‘’I wonder, if Erdoğan steals the Istanbul election and protests begin, SADAT will shoot at crowds and kill innocent people and blame Erdogan's foes as before.” #Turkey      #Istanbul #TurkeyElections^^
    • Michael Rubin verified account @mrubin1971 21 Oct 2018 ‘’Erdoğan promised to explain what happened to Khashoggi. I wonder if he will explain what really happened during the coup. For example, what was SADAT doing, or who actually killed civilians? “
    • Michael Rubin verified account  @mrubin1971 28 Jul  2017 "If retired, would Perincek disclose the murders committed by SADAT during the coup? Or is he making his own coup?”
    • Michael Rubin  Verified account @mrubin1971 26 Dec 2017 ‘’Erdoğan should be honestly found about the guarantees given to civilians in the last Decree-Law out. As such, he is legalizing death teams and confirms that SADAT is a terrorist organization.
    • Michael Rubin Verified account @mrubin1971 28 Mar 2017  "Will SADAT shoot innocent people again on April 16, as it did on July 15?”
    • Michael Rubin Verified account @mrubin1971 11 Aug 2017 “The Revolutionary Guards of Receb; The bloody role of SADAT and his militia in the play 7/15.’’
    • Michael Rubin Verified account @mrubin1971 17 Nov 2016 ‘’It was time to research/investigate the July 15 civilian killing about SADAT.’’

Tweets were posted, SADAT carried out illegal activities during and after the coup attempt of 15 July, and the government carried out its supposed dark actions through SADAT Company as he believed, and he published unacceptable tweets in the style of its transmission way, idea, and content that full of slanders and has nothing to do with the truth as creating an unfair public opinion against activities of the client company, SADAT that serve the interests of our country and the President.

The Honorable Court, you can access these publications at the address https://twitter.com/search?q=%40mrubin1971%20sadat&src=typd  and they are still available until now and there is a copy of them in the appendix.

When these Tweets are examined; It seems clear that what was transferred is not based on concrete data, it is based on entirely wrong assumptions. None of the information transmitted to the public opinion regarding the clients is in the unconfirmed, unreal, or it is within the scope of "libel" and "insults".

 The matter of request twitter account being public to everyone has a large number of followers because it is published in Turkish, and the twitches published by this person are used by many in all kinds of written and visual media. This situation results in irreparable damages to the client company, its business reputation, and its personal rights. Accordance with Article 9 of Law No. 5651 related to "Regulating Publications Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Publications", and to terminate these moral damages caused to the client due to these illegal posts,

to terminate the moral damages of my client due to these illegal posts as soon as possible, found at the address https://twitter.com/mrubin1971, this lawsuit was filed to determine the unlawfulness of the postings containing libel and insults that publicly infringe on personal rights, to remove the content from the post and to block access from search engines.

LEGAL REASONS: Law No. 5651, Provisions and Legislations of the Turkish Press Law and the Turkish Penal Code REQUEST AND CONCLUSION:

       As a result of an attack on the personal rights of the posts related to the client, SADAT, on the social media platform called TWİTTER, in the account https://twitter.com/mrubin1971 , by installing it as illegal within the context of the reasons described above and other evidence that will be obtained during the investigation, I offer and demand by proxy the approval to delete the content from publication and block its access in search engines.