SADAT International Defence Consultancy SADAT International Defence Consultancy SADAT International Defence Consultancy

SADAT A.S. evaluates the military threats against the countries and both defines the possibilities of “defensive strategies and resources” of a country alone or same with its military alliances and organizes countries’ Armed Forces against the probable military threats.

SADAT A.S. analyses “The Country’s Armed Forces’ Preparations for A War” by inspections and determines the best solutions for revisions.

SADAT A.S. also supports The Armed Forces of The Countries with consultancy services at their Proactive Cyber Defense Measurements and Offensive Software Needs and Necessities.


Consultancy Services of SADAT A.S. are provided by Officers and NCOs who have successfully completed and been retired after serving as;

  1. War Academy and Armed Forces Academy
  2. Commander to a Brigade / Division / Corps or higher units in Land Forces (or equivalent positions in Navy /Air Forces / General Command of Gendarme)
  3. Staff in Army / Navy / Airf Forces Headquarters or Staff in The Headquarter of The Presidency of General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces
  4. Military Attache, Staff in NATO Headquarters
  5. Commander or High Ranking Staff to any troops against terrorism in high risk areas for interior security missions
  6. Staff to Military Training or Educational Centers

and also completed their services from the smallest unit through highest, matching their ranks and branch qualifications in order.

Our consultants have also been chosen among the dedicated professionals with the best qualifications and the most experiences in addition to their military discipline and traditional soul of Turkish Armed Forces.

For the purpose of reorganizing the security forces of demanding countries in a modern sense in accordance with their cultural, traditional aspects and customs ; Staff Consultancy Team of Sadat Inc., which is composed of Retired 1st Class Police Officers and Retired Gendarme Officers, is able to make analysis on current conditions, establishments, equipments, records, personnel and already-though situations of:

  1. Central Organization of Interior Security Forces and Its Components
  2. Provincial Organizations and Their Components
    1. Police Stations and Their Components
    2. Riot Police Organization and Its Components
    3. Organization of Traffic Police Force and Its components
  3. International Organization and Their Components
  4. Gendarme Forces Organization and Its components
  5. Coast Guard Organization and Its Components
  6. Police Law enforcements, Penal Code/laws and Forensic Record Systems, Civil Laws, Judgement System and other related jural documentations,

in two weeks maximum and presents a detailed report especially about “must be” issues for Security Forces, Security Systems and Equipments. 

SADAT is also able to reorganize / modify or modernize the Security forces on the bases of; 

  1. Entry Level
  2. Basic Training and Orientation
  3. Rank promotions
  4. Assignments and Deployments

 And provides consultancy services during the phase of classifying or designating of duties, authorization, responsibilities and equipment standards of these organizations through the end of phase with its Staff Consultancy Team.

Conventional Warfare Training:

SADAT A.S. provides conventional warfare trainings and end-user trainings for militaries and their trainers and others from individual through highest units of Land Forces, Navys and airforces of Countries.

Unconventional Warfare Training:

SADAT A.S. provides trainings of ambush, raid, road cutting / closing, destruction, sabotage and Rescue / Abduction Operations and “Counter Tactics and Techniques” to above for Unconventional Warfare Organizations and related components for the Need of National Defense Preparations of Countries.

Special Forces Training:

SADAT A.S. has Special Training Programmes which include special trainings for the personnel for special operations in conventional and unconventional wars to gain special qualifications and skills for The Field of “Land, Sea or Air” Operations.


In addition to their succesfully regular services in Army, Navy and Air Forces of Turkish Armed Forces with extreme skills gained after the completion of Battle Drill Trainings, Commando Course, Airborne/Parachutte Courses, Unconventional Warfare Course, Scuba Diving / Frogman Courses and Demolition courses for Land and Underwater missions, the trainers of SADAT A.S. have extreme experiences from their long time services in

  1. Special Forces Unit
  2. SAT (Underwater Demolition Teams) / SAS (Underwater Defense Teams)
  3. Interior Security Troops for Counter Terrorism Operations Field
  4. Special Forces Training Centers
  5. National and international trainings and combined exercises of special forces

as operational persons, trainers or leaders.

In-Service Trainings :

  1. Intelligence
  2. Counter Terrorism
  3. Explosives, Demolition and Bomb Disposal
  4. Criminal
  5. Criminal Scene Investigation
  6. Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crimes
  7. Traffic
  8. Passport
  9. Records/ Archive and Documentation
  10. VIP Protection Services

The Services listed above are performed by SADAT’s Professional Team which is composed of 1st Class Police Officers retired from Turkish Police Department and Gendarme Officers retired from National Gendarme Command. 

Police Training: 

SADAT A.S. is able to reorganise National Police Departments of countries via SADAT’s Professional Teams whose members are 1st Class Police Officers retired from Turkish Police Departments after their services as trainers or staff and Gendarme Officers retired from Turkish Gendarme Command after their service as senior trainers or staff. 

SADAT A.S. can also found

  1. Police Academies
  2. Police Vocational High School
  3. Police College
  4. Police Training Centers

and also support these foundations as active trainer and administrator or can provide consultancy services alone.

SADAT A.S. provides and implements determination, procurement, distribution, maintenance and Technical Support Services of any kind of vehicles, arms, equipments, spare parts, ammunitions, explosives and logistics for countries’ needs.


Qualifications of Our Ordnance People: 

The Ordnance Services provided by SADAT A.S. are performed by OFFICERs and NCOs, who are highly experienced consummate professionals, retired from Turkish Armed Forces after their actively and successfully services in navy, army, air forces or gendarme command units for long years as dutied on; 

  1. determination of needs,
  2. procurement
  3. storage
  4. distribution
  5. recording 

and highly skilled at; 

  1. Maintenance
  2. Repair
  3. Modernizing

SADAT A.S. may perform the role of a consultant or a trader for countries’ international deals on arms, gears and equipments for the needs of national gendarme units and police forces.

And can provide consultancy and establish technical services in various level for maintenance and repair of weapons, vehicles and equipments.





sadat maintenance repairSADAT’s Teams to set a military maintenance system are composed from “experienced” and “selected” Officers and NCOs who are retired from Turkish Armed Forces after their active services as engineers and technicians of all types and kinds of arms, vehicles, machinery, special gears and ammunition used in all units of Turkish Armed Forces.



SADAT A.S. has capability to setup and execute

  1. First Level Maintenance System for end-users/individuals
  2. Second Level Maintenance System to maintain or repair Arms, Military Equipments and Vehicles/Crafts of a Battalion in an army (or equivalent unit in a Navy/Air Force or Gendarme Command) including Designated Maintenance/Repair Areas, Installations and technician cadres
  3. Third and Fourth Level Maintenance System for a regiment and higher units to fix/repair or execute any replacements at engineering level
  4. Fifth Level Maintenance System for Army, Navy, Air Force and Gendarme Command levels that can repair or modernize all kind of military equipments 

SADAT A.S also has capability to modernize the already-though military maintenance systems and applications if requested by countries.



SADAT A.S. can provide on-duty trainings for maintenance services from Firth Level through Fifth Level Maintenance for Ordnance Personnel and Units of countries via Its Professional Teams composed from retired technicians and engineers after their services as Instructors in Military Technical Schools of Turkish Armed Forces.



SADAT A.S. provides consultancy services to inspect, determine, modernize or re-organise and observe the executions / applications of the military maintenance systems of armed forces at country level.



SADAT A.S. has ability to organize and setup Private Maintenance&Repair Centers with local enterprisers that can match or replace all levels of military maintenance systems in a country.


Conventional Military Training:

SADAT Inc. provides the conventional military trainings and the final user trainings for the privates and any and all troops of the Land, Marine and Air Forces of the countries it serves.

Unconventional Military Training:

SADAT Inc. provides ambush, raid, road closing, destruction, sabotage, and rescue and abduction trainings, in addition to the trainings on the defense against such acts, which may be needed by the countries it serves, and organizes the Unconventional War organization of such countries.

Special Forces Training:

SADAT Inc. trains the staff of the Land, Marine and Air forces of the countries it serves regarding conventional war and unconventional war and special military operations, and furnishes them with superior skills.


Training Services of SADAT Inc.;
Will be given by highly skilled special personnel who have internalized the discipline and gathered the traditions of TSK in own personality; retired after serving successfully as officers or noncommissioned officers for long periods in Armed Forces;

  1. Served de facto and actively in special forces
  2. Underwater Demolition and Underwater Defence units
  3. Domestic security units performing counter-terrorism tasks
  4. Assumed the duty of training the special personnel like themselves
  5. Joined corporate and united domestic and overseas special force operations

With their additional skills gained after war, physical training, commando, parachute, irregular warfare, underwater demolition and defense and diver courses that they were chosen for and subjected to, after their successful services in regular units of Army, Navy and Air Force and Gendarmerie General Commander of Armed Forces.