Aircraft Pilot Training

  • SADAT Defense with three different courses in which pilots who retired after successfully serving in the Turkish Armed Forces serve as teachers; It has the ability to train fighter pilots by providing Pilot Training, Aircraft Type Rating Training and Fighter Pilot Training for all types of aircraft and helicopters to the aviator personnel of the demanding country.

    SADAT Defense plans, coordinates and implements pilot training in international standards in the demanding country. Pilot trainings can also be planned specifically for the needs of the countries. The standard pilot training is completed within a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 years. Pilot certifications are arranged according to the standards of the demanding countries, or by completing the training in the standards of these countries, pilot certificates can be obtained.

    Training Subjects and Duration


    • is applied for at least 214 and half hours / 1 year.


    • Theoretical knowledge training is a total of 774 hours / 6 months.

    • Aircraft technical training directly related to flight, basic instrument and procedural instrument theoretical training, navigation, class rating theoretical training, safety management system (SMS), flight safety training, advanced upset prevention and recovery training course (AUPRT), flight crew cooperation training (MCC) and other theoretical trainings consist of a total of 112:00 hours.

    Initial Requirements for Courses

    1. Being at least 21 years old
    2. Being at least high school graduate or equivalent
    3. Having a valid 1st class health certificate issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation
    4. Not having a Criminal Record

    Abilities to be Gained After the Training

    At the end of training, the trainees will be licensed for piloting private and commercial flights and will also be ready for training for any military aircraft.

    Duration of Course

    Duration will be total of 18 months; with 6 months of ground lessons and theoretical training and 1 year of flight and practical training. Depending on the weather conditions, flight training period may extend up to 2 years maximum.