Underwater Operations Training Programmes

Trainees will be given the opportunity to perform Underwater Operations as a result of providing the necessary training to be able to operate underwater watercraft and targets on the coast side using various vehicles (such as underwater paddle boat, underwater deployment vehicle, closed-circuit diving device).

Initial Requirements for Courses:
In order to attend the course, trainees must have successfully completed some major trainings before and gained the skills are;

  1. Knowledge of Basic Military Rules and Techniques,
  2. Having at least One Star Diver Training Certificate,
  3. 7200 meters run with 15 kg backpack in 52 minutes or less,
  4. 150 meters of freestyle swimming in 4 minutes or less

The trainees showing success during tests and evaluations are accepted into the Underwater Operations Training Course.


Training Subjects

In Underwater Operations Training Courses, by using various underwater vehicles and tools such as first aid simulation kit, closed circuit diving device in pool and sea, by increasing familiarity with underwater in day and night conditions, for underwater operations. By providing training on the following main subjects, the necessary capability for operations will be acquired;

  1. Equipped swimming techniques course (such as closed-circuit diving device, weapon and etc.),
  2. Using marine vehicles (such as underwater paddle boat, inflatable boat and underwater deployment vehicle),
  3. Naval helicopter operation,
  4. Watercraft capture and seizure operations,
  5. Parachute jump to the sea,
  6. Underwater demolition,
  7. Limpet mine

Abilities to be Gained After the Training:
At the end of the Underwater Operations Training Course, the trainees will be able to;

  1. Recognize and use marine vehicles,
  2. Recognize and use diving equipment,
  3. Know and apply helicopter operation techniques,
  4. Know and apply watercraft capture and seizure techniques,
  5. Know and apply techniques of naval parachute jumping while equipped,
  6. Apply underwater demolition,
  7. Recognize and use limpet mine types

The trainees are given the capability, and those who are successful in the tests and evaluations are given an Underwater Operations Training Course certificate.

Duration of Course:
The Underwater Operations Training Course consists of a total of 8 weeks of theoretical, practice and simulation training.

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