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Aviation Courses

Pilot Simulation

SADAT Defense has capability of graduating Fighter Pilots for demandant countries by providing three different courses as “Pilot Training Programme”, “Primary Aircrafts Training Programme” and “Advanced Fighter Pilot Training Programme” for any type of aircrafts and helicopters by its professional teams, whose members, to play active roles as instructors, are experienced pilots retired from Turkish Armed Forces after successfully completing their services. 

Pilot Training Programme;

SADAT Defense plans, coordinates and implements the Pilot Trainings at international norms in demanding countries. Pilot Trainings can be specified for special requirements as well. Time schedules for standard training programmes may differ from 1 year minimum up to 2 years maximum. Pilot Certifications can be suited for the requirements of countries or trainings can be adapted for countries’ already-though standards.

Primary Aircraft Training Programme;

Besides The Attack Crafts Trainings, SADAT Defense classifies and plans trainings for the pilots, who have successfully completed “Pilot Training Programme” before, to orientate canditades on to different types of aircrafts to be flown. Those aircrafts may be attack crafts, cargo crafts, tanker crafts, AWACS or helicopters. Depending on the aircraft types already used by the countries or to be purchased in the future, the plannings and implementations of aircraft training programmes may be performed inside the country’s territory or in contracted-third partying countries after the worldwide investigations by SADAT Defense. 

Advanced Fighter Pilot Training Programme;

SADAT Defense provides fight trainings for the pilots, who have successfully completed the Primary Aircraft Training Programme, in countries’ territory if requested. These trainings require long-term duration and can be specialized for the countries’ needs. By evaluating the threat perceptions of countries, the training programmes can be reformed or upgraded if necessary.

Advanced Fighter Pilot Training Programme

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