Protection Courses Training Programmes

Initial Requirements for Courses: 

Candidates must have succesfully completed some major trainings before and gained the skills listed below; 

  1. Knowledge of Basic Military Rules and Techniques
  2. 7200 meters run with 20 kg backpack in 52 minutes or less
  3. %60 + achievement on rifle and pistol shootings
  4. 150 Meters FreeStyle Swim in 6 minutes or less 

Candidates showing success during tests of above requirements are accepted into the Protection Course Training Programmes. 

Training Subjects: 

With the usage of instruments such as various arms / weapons, boats, electronic simulation systems and first aid simulation systems, Protection Course Training Programme includes 

  1. Physical Fitness and Toughness Training
  2. First Aid
  3. VIP Protection
  4. Vehicle Protection 

Skills to be gained at the end of the course:

At the en of the course, candidates showing the qualifications of;

  1. Basic Protection Techniques
  2. Person, Building, Vehicle and Region Protection Techniques
  3. First Aid Techniques
  4. Assassination Techniques 

are awarded with the “Certificate of Protections Expert”.. 

Duration of Course:

Trainings including therotical trainings, practises and simulations last 4 weeks in total

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