Police Special Operations Training Programmes

SADAT Defense has ability to perform the basic and advanced trainings for Police Special Forces Units and orientation programmes effectively with the training teams composed from professionals chosen from a large circle of reserves depending on requests at all fields of police forces of friendly countries in their own territories.

Among the units that make up the police force, the police special operations units, which are the striking force of the organization and called the tactical operational team, come to the fore. The aim of this unit, which stands out from counter-terrorism to bank robbery, from buildings and transportation vehicles to hostage rescue operations, is to fight terrorism effectively and to carry out rescue operations.sadat ssm 04 u

Initial Requirements for Courses

  1. 2500 meters run with 10 kg backpack in 15 minutes or less,
  2. 50%+ achievement on rifle and pistol shootings,
  3. Completing 150 meters by free swimming,
  4. Not to be over 32 years old as of the beginning of the special operations course,
  5. Being a police school graduate

It is possible to apply for special operations course voluntarily

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Training Subjects of the Course

  1. Physical conditioning
    1. Basic physical training
    2. Combat physical training
  2. Tactical shooting
  3. Sharpshooter training
  4. Movement, training on using movement tools
  5. Reconnaissance training
  6. Intelligence training
  7. Ambush, counter-ambush training
  8. Raid, counter-raid training
  9. Urban warfare operations training
  10. Spot operations training
    1. Body search
    2. Building/Site search
    3. Vehicle search
  11. Hostage rescue operations training
  12. Protection training
    1. VIP protection
    2. Building protection
    3. Vehicle protection
  13. Bomb training
  14. Dog team training
  15. Water training

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Personal Equipment to be Used in Police Special Operations Training

  1. Pistol
  2. Infantry Rifle
  3. Submachine Gun
  4. Hunting Rifle
  5. Life Vest
  6. Assault Vest
  7. Bulletproof Vest
  8. Helmet
  9. Special Operations Suit
  10. Night Vision Goggles
  11. Night Vision Binoculars
  12. Infrared Chemical Light
  13. Plastic Gun
  14. First Aid Training Materials (Mannequin etc.)
  15. Handheld Radio
  16. Manpack Radio
  17. In-Team Radio
  18. Tent for Two

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Common Materials to be Used in Police Special Operations Training

  1. Available weapons in inventory,
  2. Helicopter,
  3. Speedboat and rubber boat,
  4. Electronic shooting simulation kit,
  5. Various mines and booby traps,
  6. Climbing track,
  7. First Aid Simulation Kit,
  8. Various demolition materials

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Training Field / Tracks where Police Special Operations Training will be conducted

  1. Obstacle course
  2. Swimming pool
  3. Outdoor/indoor shooting range (pistol, rifle, sharpshooter)
  4. Indoor training house
  5. Climbing track
  6. Infiltration track
  7. Electronic simulation room

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Abilities to be Gained After the Police Special Operations Training

At the End of the Course, Trainees will be able to;

  1. Be at a level to perform all kinds of operations with physical condition,
  2. Apply basic shooting techniques,
  3. Apply advanced shooting techniques and making sharpshooting shots,
  4. Know all kinds of explosive devices and explosive materials and know the techniques to defuse them,
  5. Know and apply all kinds of protection techniques,
  6. Perform surface operations,
  7. Know the techniques of using movement tools in hard conditions,
  8. Know all kinds of hostage and terrorist operation techniques such as aircraft, buildings, urban warfare areas, operations,
  9. Know the techniques of raid, sabotage and countering them,
  10. Know and apply first aid techniques for all kinds of injured people,

A certificate of completion of the police special operations course is given to the trainees who achieve these capabilities, and those who are successful as a result of the final test and evaluation.

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Police Special Operations Training Duration

Special Operations Course Consists of a Total of 16 Weeks of Theoretical, Practical and Simulation Training.

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