Special Forces Basic Course

21-Week Special Forces Basic Course includes;

  1. Physical Training (PT) Programme
  2. First Aid in Combat Field
  3. Close Fighting Techniques
  4. Map Study / Survey
  5. Waterborne
  6. Mountaineering and Cliff Assaults
  7. Communications Training
  8. Survival –Evasion, Resistance and Recovery Techniques
  9. Weapons Course and Combat Shooting Skills
  10. Frogman
  11. Small Unit Tactics
  12. Demolition and Explosives
  13. Amphibious Assaults

After the trainings listed above, trainees will ;

  1. Have gained Physical and Mental Toughness
  2. Know how to effectively use Close Fighting Techniques in engagements
  3. Be able to identify and destruct all types of military objectives in all demandings of terrain and climate
  4. Be able to use existing weapons and gears effectively to destroy targets
  5. Be able to navigate in terrain or water in all conditions, read / use maps or prepare self chartings / mappings
  6. Meet international frogman qualifications standards
  7. Have learned how to use watercrafts when needed
  8. Have learned about communication devices to use effectively in battle field and use encryptions to safely communicate with friendly forces
  9. Be able to survive, evade, resist and recover in all demandings of environments and climate conditions and also be able to use gained techniques when needed
  10. Have learned about main explosives and demolition techniques
  11. Have learned amphibious assault tactics and techniques
  12. Be prepared as vanguards for amphibious assault landing operations

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