Qualifications of SADAT’s Personnel for Services


Consultancy Services of SADAT Defense;

are provided by Officers and NCOs who have successfully completed service and been retired after serving in;

  • War Academy and Armed Forces Academy
  • Brigade, Division, Corps or Army in Land Forces (or equivalent positions in Navy, Air Forces or Gendarmerie General Command)
  • Force Commands and Turkish General Staff Headquarters
  • Military Attaché, NATO Headquarters
  • Headquarters and Commands of Internal Security Units fighting against Terrorism
  • Military Training and Education Centers

after serving in the Turkish Armed Forces for long years in the status and ranks from generals, senior officers, officers and NCOs who retired after service; the personnel have adopted the discipline of the TAF and have forged its traditions, and trainings are given by highly skilled personnel.


Training Services of SADAT Defense;

After successful services of the Armed Forces in the regular units of the Land, Navy and Air Forces and the Gendarmerie General Command, the additional skills they have been selected and subjected to, warfare physical training, commando, parachute, unconventional warfare, underwater destruction and defense, diver and aquanaut courses,

  • Special forces
  • Underwater Destruction and Underwater Defense Units
  • Units that are engaged actively in the task of interior security and fighting terrorism effectively served as the upbringing of special educational tasks-based personnel who have participated in domestic and overseas Joint and Combined Task Forces exercises,

Officers or NCOs retired after many years as a successful service in the Armed Forces, the discipline and traditions of the Turkish Armed Forces has internalized and personified, is provided by dedicated staff with extraordinary abilities


Ordnance Services of SADAT Defense;

Weapons, tools, equipment, spare parts and explosives in the Organization and Material Staff of the Land, Navy and Air Forces and Gendarmerie General Command;

  • Determination of needs,
  • Procurement,
  • Storage,
  • Distribution,
  • Recording,

From user level to factory level;

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Modernization

activities are carried out by talented personnel who have retired from the Armed Forces after the active service as Officer or NCO for long years in the specialized classes and branches.

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