Ordnance (for Military)

SADAT Defense provides services for the determination, storage, procurement, distribution, maintenance and repair of all kinds of weapons, tools, equipment, spare parts, explosives and materials to the served Armed Forces and Police Forces of the country served.

SADAT Defense plans, projects and builds all kinds of structures that may be needed in a military post, such as training, shooting, sports facilities, armory, storage, headquarters buildings, social facilities, dormitories, which will be needed by the defense and security organizations of the country served.

Qualifications of Our Ordnance People: 

The Ordnance Services provided by SADAT Defense are performed by OFFICERs and NCOs, who are highly experienced consummate professionals, retired from Turkish Armed Forces after their actively and successfully services in navy, army, air forces or gendarme command units for long years as dutied on; 

  1. determination of needs,
  2. procurement
  3. storage
  4. distribution
  5. recording 

and highly skilled at; 

  1. Maintenance
  2. Repair
  3. Modernizing

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