Military Standardization and Metrology Centers


“Military Standardization and Metrology Centers” aim to achieve common military standardization in the field of defense industry and to easily carry out military logistics activities between countries through its own institutions.

Logistics services mainly include:

  1. Supply chain management
  2. Equipment maintenance
  3. Procurement
  4. Storage and transportation
  5. Engineering and technical support services
  6. Contract administration
  7. Life support
  8. Infrastructure works

One of the most important issues in logistics activities is to ensure standardization.

Benefits of Standardization

Standardization helps maximize compatibility, interoperability, reliability, repeatability, and quality.

Standardization, Codification, Accreditation, Qualification, Metrology activities are intertwined and generally referred to as "Standardization".

Military standards are used by technical organizations and defense industry organizations that ensure the coordination between defense units and defense industry organizations of the state.

It leads the establishment and development of a defense industry with a common character in friendly and allied countries. Since the standards are among the elements that predetermine the form and level that the industry will take in the future, it allows the national industry to cooperate with the industries of friendly and allied countries

Turn-key “Standardization and Metrology Center”

SADAT Defense establishes Standardization and Metrology Centers within the ministry of defense or defense industry presidencies of friendly and allied countries in order to carry out the standardization activities in an institutional manner.

With this work, even if it has never been established before, based on an analysis of needs, it can be conducted by forming an institution from a to z starting from zero, or by methods such as reorganization and modernization of an already existing unit.

The work is grouped under three main headings;

  1. Consultancy
  2. Supply
  3. Training

Standardization and Metrology Center Sample Organization Chart

Execution of Project

The establishment or reorganization of the center takes place in two main phases, design phase and implementation phase, which are carried out together with the managers of the institution.

In design phase, Organization chart is designed according to the current structure of the institution and international standards. Job descriptions are prepared and competencies are determined.

In implementation phase, training programmes are prepared according to the training needs of the staff and trainings are given. Equipment, materials and software needs are met.

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