Tank / Armored Vehicle Destruction Training Programmes

Initial Requirements for Courses

In order to attend the course, trainees must have successfully completed some major trainings before and gained the skills are;

  1. Being trained in conditioning and combat physical training,
  2. Being well-trained in basic and advanced individual combat training issues,
  3. Being successful in infantry and anti-tank weapons shooting missions,
  4. Successfully applying the advance techniques and tactics of the coordinated shots of the two private soldiers,
  5. Being successful in infantry team or squad combat training standards,
  6. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of tanks and armored vehicles and crew duties

Trainees showing success during tests of above requirements are accepted into the Tank Destruction Training programmes

Training Subjects:

In the Tank Destruction training; on the Tank Destruction Training Track prepared for this training by experienced trainers,

  • Anti-tank rifle grenades,
  • Shoulder-launched MANPADS (man-portable air-defense system) type light anti-tank weapons,
  • Guided – unguided rockets and missiles (TOW, RPG-7, LAW, etc.);
  • Flame and fog throwers, tear gas bombs,
  • Auxiliary materials and equipment to render the tank tread and powertrains dysfunctional by using barrier materials that can be easily found in the field and can be made immediately,
  • Demolition blocks, IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices),
  • Tank mines, molotov cocktails, smoke and fire grenades,
  • It will increase the courage of the trainees against the armored vehicles.
  • Training is provided on the following subjects, which will ensure that the enemy armored vehicles can be captured safely or, in cases where it is not possible to be captured, to demolish and render the vehicles dysfunctional;
  1. Introducing the capabilities and weaknesses of the tanks used by the enemy,
  2. Weakness for destruction of vehicles as a result of infantry separating from tankers.
  3. Forcing the tank hatches to be closed,
  4. Improving tank destroyers' ability to get on and off the tank,
  5. Preparing marksman-pit,
  6. Using anti-tank weapons,
  7. Using flame throwers,
  8. Methods of destroying and damaging tanks and armored vehicles and recognition and use of explosives,
  9. Making necessary obstacles against tanks,
  10. Defense against tanks in urbanized areas,
  11. Capturing the tank intact

Skills to be gained at the end of the Course: 

At the end of the course, trainees will have capability of;

  1. Ambushing tanks or capturing tank intact if possible,
  2. Damaging or rendering dysfunctional tanks and armored vehicles which cannot be captured intact,
  3. Burning and destroying tank,
  4. Leaving tanks unprotected by separating them from infantry,
  5. Obstructing fire and sight of the tank crew,
  6. Forcing tank crew to close their armored tank hatches,

Then, they become brave and trained “tank destroyers”.

At the end of the course, those who are successful in the test and evaluation are given a Tank Destroyer Expert Certificate

Duration of Course:

Tank destruction training consist of a total of 1 week programme as theoretical, training in simulation systems and applied training.

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