SADAT Defense provides military trainings on required subjects. Course titles related with to be given trainings and to be gained abilities and capabilities as result of these trainings listed below.
  1. Individual combat trainings / The small unit tactics
  2. Basic course for Special Forces
  3. Special advanced course for Special Forces
  4. Alternative specialization courses


      1. Sub-topics
        1. Close order drill
        2. Mechanical marksmanship and shooting training
        3. Intelligence
        4. Protection from direct or indirect hostile fire
        5. Survival measures
        6. Movement tactics under the fire of the enemy
        7. Distance judging
        8. Determination direction on the field, the target designated procedures, bearing with a compass
      2. To be gained abilities and capabilities after individual combat training:
        1. Establishes standardization on the bases of individual in the regular army via give basic military training.
        2. Learns courses of action in the field of battle on contact with the enemy.
        3. Learns the basic rules of survival.
        4. Learns mechanical marksmanship and basic shooting techniques
      3. Individual combat training course duration
    Individual combat training course duration is 80 hours (about 4 weeks)
      1. Sub-topics
        1. Physical condition
        2. First Aid
        3. Infighting
        4. Map
        5. Boat / motor
        6. Mountaineering
        7. Communication
        8. Survival, escape - get rid
        9. Shot
        10. Frogman
        11. Small unit tactics
        12. Basic of destroy
        13. Amphibious operation
      2. To be gained abilities and capabilities after basic course for special forces:
        1. Has high physical and psychological abilities.
        2. Knows the techniques of infighting; if necessary can uses to defend himself and to overcome the enemy while in contact with the enemy.
        3. Approaches to enemy in each type of land, air and climate conditions enemy, finds the target and can inactivate.
        4. Using the existing weapons, will be capable of a high hack.
        5. Can easily finds direction on every kind of land or at sea, can uses any kind of map or even mapping itself.
        6. Gets training frogman / diver according to international standard.
        7. Knows marine tools, uses when need.
        8. Recognizes communication devices, gets important issues and informs friendly elements encrypted.
        9. Knows and can uses survival techniques on difficult field, air and climate conditions.
        10. Knows fundamental destruction issues, recognizes explosives and can uses.
        11. Knows techniques of amphibious operation (land and sea vehicles maneuver). Can be uses amphibious operation as the vanguard.
      3. Duration of Basic courses for special forces:
    Duration of Basic courses for special forces is 105 days (about 21 weeks)
      1. Sub-topics
        1. Physical condition
        2. Special diving
        3. Special reconnaissance intelligence
        4. Combat search and rescue
        5. Advanced destruction
        6. Sharp shooting
        7. Built up area
        8. Urbanized terrain
        9. Helicopter / airplane operation
        10. Submarine operation
        11. Parachute operation
      2. To be gained abilities and capabilities after advanced course:
        1. Reaches all kind of physical level and qualification to perform special forces operation.
        2. Knows the techniques of infighting; if necessary, can uses to defend himself and to overcome the enemy while in contact with the enemy.
        3. Using the existing weapons, will be capable of a high hack.
        4. Knows survival techniques in every kind of difficult nature conditions and can uses them if necessary.
        5. Can organizes special boat operation, can attack to ships and coastal facilities with fast boat.
        6. Gets advanced level sharp shooting training and successfully completes given tasks.
        7. Wins all of the capabilities of divers under water, also reaches an additional ability to do work under water.
        8. Can continuously swims 3-4 hours with close-circuit breathing apparatus, can organizes sabotage to ships and floating units via insidious underwater attack.
        9. Can takes long distance in the air by night parachuting from high altitudes, can shock raids and surprise sabotages.
        10. Can performs every kind of helicopter operations.
        11. Knows all kind of explosives; can destroys something like vehicle, building, bridge, facility.
      3. Advanced special forces course duration:
    Advanced special forces course duration is totally 90 days (about 18 weeks)
    1. Aircraft Pilot Training
    2. Type Rating Training
    3. Jet Fighter Pilot Training
    4. Aircraft Maintenance Training
    5. Helicopter Maintenance Training

Four-Week Courses for Trainees include;

  1. Close-Order Drill
  2. Marksmanship / Mechanical Course and Shooting Training
  3. Intelligence
  4. Protection from direct or indirect enemy fires
  5. Survival –Evasion, Recovery Techniques (Basic)
  6. Assault tactics and techniques under enemy fire
  7. Land Navigation, Map Survey, Target Identification Procedures, Navigation with Compass 

At the end of the courses listed above, Trainees will have gained ability to;

  1. Operate in uniform by orientating the military discipline and the chain of command
  2. Employee and maintain the personal weapons and gears, and use effectively in battle field with the skills of marksmanship and firing techniques
  3. Survive in a battle field
  4. Decide and Apply the best tactical or technical maneuver in engagements.

21-Week Special Forces Basic Course includes;

  1. Physical Training (PT) Programme
  2. First Aid in Combat Field
  3. Close Fighting Techniques
  4. Map Study / Survey
  5. Waterborne
  6. Mountaineering and Cliff Assaults
  7. Communications Training
  8. Survival –Evasion, Resistance and Recovery Techniques
  9. Weapons Course and Combat Shooting Skills
  10. Frogman
  11. Small Unit Tactics
  12. Demolition and Explosives
  13. Amphibious Assaults

After the trainings listed above, trainees will ;

  1. Have gained Physical and Mental Toughness
  2. Know how to effectively use Close Fighting Techniques in engagements
  3. Be able to identify and destruct all types of military objectives in all demandings of terrain and climate
  4. Be able to use existing weapons and gears effectively to destroy targets
  5. Be able to navigate in terrain or water in all conditions, read / use maps or prepare self chartings / mappings
  6. Meet international frogman qualifications standards
  7. Have learned how to use watercrafts when needed
  8. Have learned about communication devices to use effectively in battle field and use encryptions to safely communicate with friendly forces
  9. Be able to survive, evade, resist and recover in all demandings of environments and climate conditions and also be able to use gained techniques when needed
  10. Have learned about main explosives and demolition techniques
  11. Have learned amphibious assault tactics and techniques
  12. Be prepared as vanguards for amphibious assault landing operations

18-week Advanced Special Forces Course is given to the Candidates who have succesfully completed the Special Forces Basic Course and includes: 

  1. Physically Stamina and Mental Toughness Training
  2. Scuba Diving
  3. Long Range Reconnaissance and Intelligence
  4. Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR)
  5. Advanced Demolition Techniques
  6. Sharpshooters Course (Sniper)
  7. Urban Operations
  8. Battlefield tactics and techniques in Urban Area
  9. Air assaults Operations
  10. Submarine Operations
  11. Airborne Operations 

And trainees will; 

  1. have gained mental and physical toughness to conduct special forces operations
  2. know how to effectively use close fighting techniques in engagements
  3. be able to use existing weapons and gears effectively to destroy targets
  4. be able to survive, evade, resist and recover in all demandings of environments and climate conditions and also be able to use gained techniques when needed
  5. be able to conduct waterborne operations and raid on to seacrafts and objectives at coastal establishments
  6. be able to achieve the missions to be given with the skills gained during the course
  7. be able to do more than a frogman by gaining the skills of deep water diving
  8. be able to swim 3-4 hours continiously at least by using a proper closed-circuit diving equipments and sabotage the seacrafts, submarines or other floating subjects by insidious attacks
  9. be able to infiltrate by covering distance in air by High Altitude Jumps and conduct surprise attacks and sabotages
  10. be able to conduct air assaults via helicopters
  11. be able to determine and use all types of explosives to destroy buildings, bridges, sites and etc.
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Pilot Simulation

SADAT Defense has capability of graduating Fighter Pilots for demandant countries by providing three different courses as “Pilot Training Programme”, “Primary Aircrafts Training Programme” and “Advanced Fighter Pilot Training Programme” for any type of aircrafts and helicopters by its professional teams, whose members, to play active roles as instructors, are experienced pilots retired from Turkish Armed Forces after successfully completing their services. 

Pilot Training Programme;

SADAT Defense plans, coordinates and implements the Pilot Trainings at international norms in demanding countries. Pilot Trainings can be specified for special requirements as well. Time schedules for standard training programmes may differ from 1 year minimum up to 2 years maximum. Pilot Certifications can be suited for the requirements of countries or trainings can be adapted for countries’ already-though standards.

Primary Aircraft Training Programme;

Besides The Attack Crafts Trainings, SADAT Defense classifies and plans trainings for the pilots, who have successfully completed “Pilot Training Programme” before, to orientate canditades on to different types of aircrafts to be flown. Those aircrafts may be attack crafts, cargo crafts, tanker crafts, AWACS or helicopters. Depending on the aircraft types already used by the countries or to be purchased in the future, the plannings and implementations of aircraft training programmes may be performed inside the country’s territory or in contracted-third partying countries after the worldwide investigations by SADAT Defense. 

Advanced Fighter Pilot Training Programme;

SADAT Defense provides fight trainings for the pilots, who have successfully completed the Primary Aircraft Training Programme, in countries’ territory if requested. These trainings require long-term duration and can be specialized for the countries’ needs. By evaluating the threat perceptions of countries, the training programmes can be reformed or upgraded if necessary.

Advanced Fighter Pilot Training Programme

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