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SADAT Defense produces turn-key solutions on the subjects of consultancy, training and logistics in the field of defense and security.

SADAT Defense has the capability to establish units at the level of individual soldier, platoon, company, battalion, regiment, brigade, division, corps, army and force from A to Z and starting from the scratch.

One of the examples of turn-key solutions we offer for the Armed Forces and Police Organizations is the establishment of turn-key Special Forces.

We plan the Organization and Material staff structures of the special forces which have the capability to carry out cross-border special operations; we construct and equip the training, shooting and sports facilities, headquarters and dormitory structures, and have basic and special forces training.


“Military Standardization and Metrology Centers” aim to achieve common military standardization in the field of defense industry and to easily carry out military logistics activities between countries through its own institutions.

Logistics services mainly include:

  1. Supply chain management
  2. Equipment maintenance
  3. Procurement
  4. Storage and transportation
  5. Engineering and technical support services
  6. Contract administration
  7. Life support
  8. Infrastructure works

One of the most important issues in logistics activities is to ensure standardization.


SADAT Defense's specially designed Integrated Border Surveillance and Security Solution Package includes the construction of protected border outposts (Fortified Outpost) equipped with high-tech electronic surveillance systems and border security advanced training packages.

The Outpost (Fortified Outpost) is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and technological systems, using durable and high-quality materials to ensure border security, allowing the most appropriate protection techniques and tactics to be applied by the border guards.

Intrusive units approaching to violate the border, irregular migrants or terrorist groups, whether on foot or in vehicles, it is possible to identify, monitor and record images of anything moving with radar surveillance and acoustic sound early warning system. By the border guards, it can be ensured that the approaching intruders are under fire and captured as soon as they enter the firing range of the light and heavy weapons of the border outpost.

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