Fighter Pilot Training

SADAT Defense with three different courses in which pilots who retired after successfully serving in the Turkish Armed Forces serve as teachers; It has the ability to train fighter pilots by providing Pilot Training, Aircraft Type Rating Training and Fighter Pilot Training for all types of aircraft and helicopters to the aviator personnel of the demanding country.

SADAT Defense provides combat training in the demanding country to pilots who have received aircraft type rating training when requested. These trainings are long-term and are planned in line with the needs of the demanding country. When necessary, the threat assessment of the country is made and the training programs are made suitable for the solution.

Training Subjects

  1. Air-to-ground training
  2. Air-to-air training
  3. Electronic warfare training

Initial Requirements for Courses

Pilots approved by the air force command of the relevant state are accepted for training.

Abilities to be Gained After the Training

Gaining the ability to combat in fighter aircrafts owned by the air force of the relevant state

Duration of Course

6 months of ground lesson and 1 year of flight training, for a total of 18 months.

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