Integrated Border Security Solutions


SADAT Defense's specially designed Integrated Border Surveillance and Security Solution Package includes the construction of protected border outposts (Fortified Outpost) equipped with high-tech electronic surveillance systems and border security advanced training packages.

The Outpost (Fortified Outpost) is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and technological systems, using durable and high-quality materials to ensure border security, allowing the most appropriate protection techniques and tactics to be applied by the border guards.

Intrusive units approaching to violate the border, irregular migrants or terrorist groups, whether on foot or in vehicles, it is possible to identify, monitor and record images of anything moving with radar surveillance and acoustic sound early warning system. By the border guards, it can be ensured that the approaching intruders are under fire and captured as soon as they enter the firing range of the light and heavy weapons of the border outpost.

It is possible to eliminate the threat against the border with heavy weapons mounted on a platform, in addition to lightly armed guards, in order to counter a strong terrorist attack that may strike the facility. Thanks to the fact that the outpost has a ground and air fire support system, it is aimed to eliminate the intruder by establishing a strong fire superiority against the large terrorist groups that will attack the outpost or the aggressive conventional units that may violate the borders.

The Outpost, which you will see in this presentation, consists of 3 separate floors, including the basement. The total height is 7.6 meters and the total usage area is 332 square meters. The floor plans that make up the facility are:

Basement Floor: On this floor, there are administrative and logistics departments such as accumulator room, heating - cooling system, laundry and ironing room, room for weapon repair, ammunition depot, first-aid room, which are necessary for the operation of the Outpost. The facility is equipped with automatic and manual fire extinguishing systems in case of a possible fire

Ground Floor: There is a dining hall and resting room, showers and toilets, dormitory and a camera monitoring room.

1st Floor: There are firing ranges and ready-to-use ammunition supply depot, where the border guards at the outpost will respond with fire to intrusive units.

Terrace Floor:  There are open firing ranges resembling castle bastions that allow easy firing of intruding units from a highly located position, making it easier to shoot with machine guns and Infantry Rifles placed on the platform. It has a wide area that gives the guards the opportunity to observe the surroundings 360 degrees.

It is possible to close the unobserved dead zones behind the natural and artificial lands that limit the radar scanning area and the area outside the radar range of the outpost, with a camera drone by using the radar in a coordinated manner by complementing the radar system. In addition, traps can be set up at some critical locations and in stealth approach directions in night and poor visibility conditions.

It is possible to eliminate the intrusive units, which are likely to infiltrate the side and rear areas of the facility, by the guards with fire and movement tactics. For the purpose of destroying or apprehending the intruder in case of their withdrawal by repelling, there may be a need for off-road vehicles with light armor protection, night vision capabilities, and heavy weapons mounted on them.

The wall of the outpost is manufactured as a thick and strong reinforced concrete structure, reinforced with two layers of rubber surface coating. It is resistant to attacks by rockets, missiles and artillery. The aforementioned armed, armored and off-road vehicles can be used for patrolling the roads between outposts. It is also possible to use them to reinforce the defense of the border against an intruder with artillery, which is likely to set the outpost under fire, by keeping them ready for action in a covered and hidden position in the side and rear areas of the outpost. The T-20 Machine Artillery System can be fired from the camera monitoring and control room. If the possibility of an enemy air attack is high, it can be placed on the terrace floor and used to destroy both air and ground targets.

In addition, an armed helicopter may be under the command of the Border Company or Battalion Command. These helicopters can also be used for armed air patrol, supply of all kinds of necessities, medical evacuation and treatment purposes. The outpost walls can be covered with camouflage paint in accordance with the natural color of the area.

This type of outposts are equipped with weapons that are so resistant and provide such an effective fire support against the fire of intruder units that they are called {“This is not just an outpost, but a fortified “outpost”} by the people of the region living close to the border in Türkiye.

The 12-person border force of this facility has the logistics and capability to survive and outpost defense for 15 days without any external support. The Border Surveillance and Protection Outpost, which can also be mounted with a 20 mm anti-aircraft artillery, can serve in a modern, healthy and safe manner in all weather conditions, all seasons, 7 days / 24 hours.

Technological Equipment mounted on the Multi-Purpose Mast on the Terrace

  1. Land Surveillance Radar System to survey the environment from the outpost terrace at an angle of 270 degrees
  2. Long Range Thermal and Day – Night Vision Camera System
  3. Long Range Projector Lighting System
  4. Long Range Acoustic Warning and Early Warning Alarm System
  5. Immediate Surroundings Day-Night Surveillance and Detection Camera System

Lightning Rod (Lightning Repellent) System

The Multi-Purpose Moving Mast has a Concealment Feature:

This mast can be hidden by the remote control from the control room by lowering it when not in use and can be raised and put into use when needed. 

Border surveillance service can be provided 7 days / 24 hours, continuously and uninterruptedly, border violations can be detected early, and the coordinates of the violation point can be determined.

In order to eliminate the threat, the detected location information is transferred to the guards who will intervene.

The most critical device on the mast, the Land Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar, scans the land at an angle of 270 degrees.

Its effectiveness on some targets and objects are:

It can detect and identify a person approaching by creeping from a distance of 2.4 km.;

A person approaching by walking, from a distance of 5.4 km.;

Military and civil vehicles from a distance of 12.8 km.;

Large military objects and equipment such as tanks and armored vehicles, trucks, from a distance of 16 km.

The Land Surveillance Radar mounted on the Moving Mast can detect people and other creatures and vehicles approaching the border by scanning the near and far lands on the Outpost front at an angle of 270 degrees.  It is also possible that the approaching units can be intruders (farmers, shepherds, peasants, agricultural workers, fishermen, etc.) dressed in civilian clothes and disguises. Therefore, the true character of the detected units must be revealed by the border guards.

Since the land surveillance radar scans its environment linearly, it cannot see the dead zones behind the elevations caused by the steep terrain in its field of view. Steep and uneven terrain can form a natural cover that provides concealment and camouflage for intrusive units. By using these dead zones, intrusive units may find the opportunity to approach the border until they are within the effective range of their weapons. Such possible threats need to be uncovered with the detailed investigation and attention of border guards.

It should always be taken into account that units approaching the border may be from a part of land that would not normally be expected. Border violations can also occur over the shore of a sea, river or lake. Lands outside the radar range can also be intervened by an armed helicopter or UCAV, if allocated by the Higher Unit.

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