Shooting Range System Solutions

The "Shooting Range Systems" designed by SADAT Defense are the areas where real shots can be made, pistols, rifles and even sniper rifles can be fired.

Systems are evaluated in 3 categories according to their usage;

  • Mobile shooting range systems have their own wheels. It can make a change of location at any desired time. The system also receives its electrical energy from the vehicle it is connected to.
  • Portable shooting range systems are designed to serve a specific region or barracks in the short and medium term. Months later when the need for service ends, the system is designed to be taken into a new service position inside or outside the region with the help of a crane. The system takes its energy from mains.
  • Fixed modular shooting range systems are designed to serve permanently at the point where they are planned. Thanks to its modular structure, more than one unit can be used together according to the need. The units can be placed underground or they can be used above ground by covering them with soil. The system takes its energy from mains.
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With the Mobile Shooting Range systems developed by SADAT Defense, the armed forces are transported to the desired area on the vehicle due to the fact that they have many and different deployment locations, eliminating the construction costs and increasing the training standard.

Mobile Shooting Range systems can meet the training needs of the troops with high efficiency due to its low cost and portability. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily moved to another location when needed thanks to its modular structure.

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