Border Outpost Security Training Programmes

SADAT Defense has ability to perform the Border Security Trainings effectively with the training teams composed from professionals chosen from a large circle of reserves depending on requests at all fields of police forces of friendly countries in their own territories.

Border Security Station

Initial Requirements for Courses

In order to participate in the course, as a minimum, the trainees must have;

  1. Basic police training,
  2. Healthy body,
  3. Sufficient level of education to follow the training.

As a result of the tests and evaluations to be made, the trainees who get sufficient score are accepted to the training.

Training Subjects

In border outpost security training programme, trainings are given in main subjects of;

  1. Basic and combat physical training,
  2. Mechanical marksmanship and shooting,
  3. Individual combat trainings,
  4. Border watch services,
  5. Protection against raids and sabotages,
  6. Border intelligence missions,
  7. Outpost security missions,
  8. Security measures to be applied in ensuring border security,
  9. Column operation; reconnaissance, ambush and ambush recovery.

Abilities to be Gained After the Training

At the end of the course, trainees should be able to;

  1. Apply border security techniques,
  2. Apply combat techniques and tactics,
  3. Achieve the physical strength and superior physical competence required by the combat conditions,
  4. Perform accurate shooting skills with existing weapons,
  5. Reach the level of knowledge and skill to perform border security station missions.

“Border Outpost Security Training Certificate” is given to those who are successful as a result of the test and evaluation.

Duration of course

Border outpost security training consist of a total of 8 weeks programme as theoretical, training in simulation systems and applied trainings.

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