Consultancy (for Interior Security)

For the purpose of reorganizing the security forces of demanding countries in a modern sense in accordance with their cultural, traditional aspects and customs ; Staff Consultancy Team of Sadat Inc., which is composed of Retired 1st Class Police Officers and Retired Gendarme Officers, is able to make analysis on current conditions, establishments, equipments, records, personnel and already-though situations of:

  1. Central Organization of Interior Security Forces and Its Components
  2. Provincial Organizations and Their Components
    1. Police Stations and Their Components
    2. Riot Police Organization and Its Components
    3. Organization of Traffic Police Force and Its components
  3. International Organization and Their Components
  4. Gendarme Forces Organization and Its components
  5. Coast Guard Organization and Its Components
  6. Police Law enforcements, Penal Code/laws and Forensic Record Systems, Civil Laws, Judgement System and other related jural documentations,

in two weeks maximum and presents a detailed report especially about “must be” issues for Security Forces, Security Systems and Equipments. 

SADAT is also able to reorganize / modify or modernize the Security forces on the bases of; 

  1. Entry Level
  2. Basic Training and Orientation
  3. Rank promotions
  4. Assignments and Deployments

 And provides consultancy services during the phase of classifying or designating of duties, authorization, responsibilities and equipment standards of these organizations through the end of phase with its Staff Consultancy Team.

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