Advanced Individual Combat Training Programmes

Initial Requirements for Courses:

In order to attend the course, the training status of the trainees in the subjects of “Basic Individual Combat Training”, whether they have reached a certain level of knowledge, skill and ability and they should be checked with the training and shooting tests to be carried out.

The minimum qualifications are:

  1. Individual Close Order Drill (basic military discipline training)
  2. Mechanical and Marksmanship Training; Test and Instruction Shooting on 25m
  3. Basic Individual Combat Training (finding direction and range estimation, land use, fortification, surveillance and reconnaissance, concealment and camouflage, marking management etc.)
  4. Being able to complete 7200 meters run with 20 kg rucksack in 52 minutes or less,
  5. Conducting shooting missions with light arms (achieving a minimum of 60% success in pistol and rifle shooting)

Candidates showing success during tests of above requirements are accepted into the Advanced Individual Combat Training programmes.

Training Subjects

Trainees taken to the Advanced Individual Combat Training are equipped with light weapons and equipment allocated by their own unit for each trainee; In order to be equipped with maps, compass, GPS device, hand binoculars, etc. with other training materials, in training simulation systems and then, in the field environment, by expert trainers in the field, in order to be reinforced by trainees. They are trained in the following subjects:

  1. Close order drill,
  2. Mechanical marksmanship and shooting training,
  3. Cartography, sketch drawing, reconnaissance and intelligence,
  4. Protection from (direct or indirect) enemy fire,
  5. Applying survival techniques,
  6. Assault tactics and techniques under enemy fire,
  7. Range estimation, finding direction and target acquisition,
  8. Firing request and firing adjustment from fire support vehicles that shoot indirectly
  9. Requesting close-air fire support

Abilities to be Gained After the Training
The trainees gain the following abilities as a result of the Advanced Individual Combat Training;

  1. Cartography (putting in direction and reading maps)
  2. Sketch drawing techniques
  3. Target designation and fire plan
  4. Accurate shots with light arms
  5. Course of action in contact with the enemy
  6. Using communication tools
  7. Marking management
  8. Applying survival techniques

At the end of the course, those who are successful as a result of the test and evaluation are given an Advanced Individual Combat Expert Certificate.

Duration of Course:

Advanced Individual Combat training consists of a total of 4 weeks of theoretical, practical and simulation training.

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