Special Task Shooter (Sniper) Training Programme

As an element of today’s Asymmetrical War, it is possible to cause a massive impact on the enemy by using the dual Sniper teams. Within the scope of intense struggle between Turkish Armed Forces and terrorist organizations, using the Special Task Shooter (sniper) teams proves the significance of its power.  

The personnel with the ability to shoot accurately and effectively are categorized under three groups:

  1. Shooter: This is the person who has the ability to shoot with high accuracy in every kind of environment, without using any additional tool, by combining the structural characteristics of the weapon, shooting techniques and principles with personal abilities..
  2. Sharp-Shooter: This is the person having the talent and ability to make accurate shoots in a distance about 600 meters with a special rifle equipped with optical tools (weapon sight, wind gauge, etc.)
  3. Sniper / Special Task Shooter: The person with the talent and ability to have very high accuracy in shooting (99%) by using all the camouflage techniques, within the enemy perimeter when required, under any weather conditions, with a custom rifle, having the ability to make accurate shoots in a distance of 600 meters and more, equipped with weapon sights and shooting computers with more advanced features. They carry out missions as a dual team with a sniper assistant. 

The Special Task Shooter (Sniper) is a professional shooting expert having the required technical background, physical endurance and a strong psychology. The Special Task Shooter has the ability to make successful shots based on the distance, scale, location, temporary nature conditions on targets which cannot be stricken by the Sharp Shooter.

The faction with a Sniper achieves potential superiority on the enemy with a “force multiplier” factor, which has the ability to seal the fate of war.

He must have all the abilities to survive for a long time while engaging in the combat zone and behind the contact line, as well as having the ability to implement all concealment and camouflage techniques. The sniper assistant is trained under the same conditions.

The trainings of a sniper must be repeated until the foregoing abilities are intensified and the required experience is gained; both the psychological and physical abilities are to be maintained always on a maximized level. 


Where the candidate trainees and personnel, elected among the shooters and sharp shooters, show success in the tests and evaluation processes, they are accepted to the Special Task Shooter Training.

Qualification Criteria for Attending the Course

  1. Knowing the general military rules and techniques
  2. Completing the track of 7200 meters under 52 minutes, with a 20-kg rucksack
  3. Having 80% accuracy rate in the pistol and infantry rifle shoots (Having the shooting ability at the level of a Sharp Shooter)


Training Subjects

Special Task Shooter Training is provided by professional trainers with custom equipment and entrenching tools assigned specific to each trainee in the field, after providing the basic information in line with the simulated military operations carried out within the framework of the completed training programme, in order to get the trainees experienced and able perform operations..

  1. Combat physical training and condition
  2. Basic shooting techniques
  3. Advanced shooting techniques
  4. Special reconnaissance & intelligence
  5. Correspondence
  6. Concealment and camouflage
  7. Survival
  8. Evasion and escape

Abilities to be Gained After the Training

The following skills of the trainees are improved by using various weapons, helicopter, boat, electronic simulation kit, first aid simulation kit, etc. during the Special Task Shooter Trainings:

  1. Knowing their weapons in depth and shooting with the highest accuracy,
  2. Knowing the sniper rifles used in the armies of other countries,
  3. Knowing and implementing the first aid practices,
  4. Surviving during and after the missions in the enemy zone under challenging conditions,
  5. Making direct-hit shoots by choosing the target from long distances (up to 1800 meters with the respective weapon and additional technical equipment),

The foregoing abilities and skills of the trainee are improved. The trainees successfully passing the tests and evaluations to be held at the end of the training, are awarded with a Special Task Shooter (Sniper) certificate, stating the completion of course his success status.

Duration of Training

Special Task Shooter (Sniper) trainings comprise of a 12-week programme, as theoretical training, simulation trainings and shooting tasks..

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