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Military logistics systems designed by SADAT Defense are a work aimed at increasing the success of training, military exercises or operations and seriously contributing to the success of possible operations, the need for rapid action and mobilization, also used by advanced armed forces. The main objective is to meet the need for transferring the elements fighting to the training, military exercise or operation area from where the barracks are located, as well as the logistics needs at the same speed.

While measuring the fighting power of the countries, it is looked at the amount of logistical support provided for each active-duty soldier in the background. The high rate is considered as the main factor of success. This concept designed by SADAT Defense due to the current need; It contributes greatly to the mobilization of the logistics system of the military units (armory, shooting range, training simulation system, storage area, field kitchen, field hospital, etc.).

Among the systems created, especially those are created for the purpose of storing and transporting ammunition, were designed in accordance with the "NATO Ammunition Storage and Transport Rules Regulation (AASTP-1)".

All Mobile Logistics Systems are designed in accordance with ISO/TC 104 standard in order to provide mobilization. 




Military Logistic Systems Products Catalog

Military Logistic Systems Products Catalog
Military Logistic Systems Products Catalog (Click for download PDF)


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Training simulation systems are used in all advanced armies.

SADAT Defense has developed these designs in order to bring mobilization to simulation systems. While military personnel who need training in the traditional system receive training by going to the Training Center, a Training Center is brought to the units that will have training in this new concept, thus saving both time and cost.

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With the Mobile Shooting Range systems developed by SADAT Defense, the armed forces are transported to the desired area on the vehicle due to the fact that they have many and different deployment locations, eliminating the construction costs and increasing the training standard.

Mobile Shooting Range systems can meet the training needs of the troops with high efficiency due to its low cost and portability. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily moved to another location when needed thanks to its modular structure.

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