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It was July, 1996.

Under the presidency of a Corps General, who was the Commander of Operations Headquarter of Turkish General Staff then and now detainee as the organizator of a army coup attempt, A Group of Generals from Turkish Armed Forces having been assigned to see the results and impacts of Bosnian War in Bosnia was sent to Bosnia & Herzegovina by a Military Aircraft.

I was around the last months of my active service in army when I was involved in this Group of 10 Generals.

The Bosnian War beginning with the Serbian Massacre on 1st of March in 1992 ended up by Dayton Peace Agreement on 14th of December in 1995.

In the Beginning, not backing up Bosnian Muslims, European Countries and The United States of America stayed silent during what had been going on as if proving everything, but yet kept providing arms and other supplies to Serbs and directed their oppressions over Muslims to force them to accept Serbian Terms at the end.

Because of the political enforcements and unequality of war conditions, Mr. Aliya Izzetbegovich had to accept the terms and sign the Dayton Agreement on 14th of December in 1995.

By Mean of The Dayton Agreement splitting the B&H Lands in Cantons among Muslims, Serbs and Croats, The United States of America stipulated the terms of purchasing U.S Patented Weapons with no spare parts and dispose existing arms for Bosnian Muslims.

(It is Significant that The European Historians and Politics Commentators, by highlighting of their turning back to their imperialist identity of 19th Century, admitted that the Bosnian War approved Americans’ and Europeans’ Crusader Souls)

Earlier 1996 through, The Implementation of Dayton Agreement has begun, The Components of NATO Peace Keeping Forces have established bases and posts in strategic locations around Bosnia under the meaning of Peacekeeping and finally peace has been established in the region.

Our assignment was right after these warm developments.

The reason why I told you of Bosnian War is to tell you of a part from my memories.

During the long flight to Bosnia I told in the beginning, our leader, the corps general, told us about an event.

Here is the event:

“A Private Defense and Consultancy Company from The United States of America had requested One Active Duty Officer from Turkish General Staff to be dutied in their private company. When the company was asked about an active duty officier in a company like that, the answer of company was like; “He does not have to do anything, his existence in company is enough for us." According to the reason, found out later, of why that company acted so was that Mr. Aliya Izzetbegovich had stipulated the term of Approval by Turkish Government to accept their offer to reorganize, modernize and train New Bosnian Army. When I asked that Corps General “what they did?”, His asnwer was that They had accepted that company’s request and deployed an Active Duty Colonel for the company”.

I was very confused... I told group members of my opinions that I had not found it right because it meant that it was a kind of turning green lights on of leaving the control of Islamic Bosnia to western countries’ hands via Turkish accreditation of a western company having certain aims although the issue was of The Turkish Armed Forces Initiatives.

Later on, We landed on Bosnia, where we were going to have a week of visitations. We realized that the Bosnian Military was transformed into a form of a composition from armoured troops with tanks mostly even though the geography of Bosnia was mountainous and heavily forested. Actually, Bosnian geography requires its army to be composed from the troops that can easily conduct Commando and Airborne Operations instead… However, composing and gearing of such troops would be cheaper and it was not going to be beneficiary for that company and the country behind it.

This memory urged me to take a closer look at “Private Defense and Consultancy Companies” under the control of Western Imperialism.

Today, there are around 70 “Private Defense and Consultancy Companies” providing such services under the control of western developed countries in accordance with their military and foreign policies.

All of these companies had been founded right after the world war-I or world war-II and the number of Islamic Countries they are acting in are around 20 today…

They are still actively in the confidential military activities of those countries.

Some of them instigated civil wars via the imprudent leaders, some of them developed enmity among Islamic countries, some of them were left back to replace occupying armed forces after withdrawals to take control and some of them caused the big humanitarian crimes via the puppet armies..

As a result, this opportunity was used as a device for their exploitations by westerns…

This urged us to found "SADAT International Defense Consultancy Company" for Islamic countries or friendly countries to bring organized idealist and capable Officers and NCOs having broad experiences and qualifications from Turkish Armed Forces after their services in various units and branches of TAF, to care for national values of Islamic countries based on the co-benefits of Islamic world when they need military personnel from an armed forces with profound military sensations to get their armies to be set, reorganized, modernized and trained by..... 

Turkish Armed Forces have been providing training, consultancy and ordnance services in 22 other Turkish or Friendly Islamic Countries already but still seem not possible to respond all of 60 Islamic countries’ all needs at defense sector…..

In order to provide services for their needs, to help them prevent from dependence on western crusader imperialist countries and to help establishment of a Defensive Collaboration and Defensive Industrial Cooperation among Islamic Countries with the intend of serving Islamic Union; SADAT International Defense Consultancy Construction Industry and Trade Incorporation was founded by 23 brave enterprising co-owners with the support of 64 successful Officers and NCOs who have served in various units of Turkish Armed Forces and respectful to Islamic values.

SADAT Defense is up to bring solutions for Defensive Needs of Friends as a commercial company which values the responsibility of service first …..


General (Retired)

President of Directors Board


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