Individual Combat Training (Basic Combat Training) and Small Unit Tactics

Four-Week Courses for Trainees include;

  1. Close-Order Drill
  2. Marksmanship / Mechanical Course and Shooting Training
  3. Intelligence
  4. Protection from direct or indirect enemy fires
  5. Survival –Evasion, Recovery Techniques (Basic)
  6. Assault tactics and techniques under enemy fire
  7. Land Navigation, Map Survey, Target Identification Procedures, Navigation with Compass 

At the end of the courses listed above, Trainees will have gained ability to;

  1. Operate in uniform by orientating the military discipline and the chain of command
  2. Employee and maintain the personal weapons and gears, and use effectively in battle field with the skills of marksmanship and firing techniques
  3. Survive in a battle field
  4. Decide and Apply the best tactical or technical maneuver in engagements.

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