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What does your company do?

What SADAT A.Ş. will do, was published in the Trade Registry Gazette dated 28 February 2012. Accordingly SADAT Inc.'s business sectors (taking into consideration the interests of the Republic of Türkiye) can be summarized as listed below meet the needs of friendly and allied countries; Consulting security forces (for armed forces and police agencies), Training security personnel on the subjects they will need to defend their country, To act as an intermediary in the supply of war weapons and vehicles demanded by the defence and security forces to defend their country, To create the defense and defense industry cooperation environment among friendly countries, and advising on these issues, Türkiye's defense equipments to create a market environment, providing organizations on issues related to among countries. The company carries out these activities under the 5201 and 5202 numbered laws and other related regulations, as determined under the supervision and control by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Türkiye.

Have any meetings been made between the founders and consultants of the SADAT and the AK Party?

Company after the main contract we prepared and submitted to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, in order to promote this project which will be a first in Türkiye, have been made appointments and interviews with some member of the Government and some of our MPs who responded to our request. It is purely informative. These kinds of contacts are written both on our and ASDER Web sites.

Such an organization outside the army; Is it a crime in both Turkish Laws and International law?

It is important what you mean without getting organized. SADAT is a commercial company established in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, which has to carry out its activities in accordance with the provisions of the laws 5201 and 5202. There are over 70 private companies operating in this field in the world. Therefore, it is a completely legal commercial company according to the national, international and war laws. There is nothing to constitute a crime in either its establishment or its activities that it stipulates in its articles of association. On the contrary, it also has a metaphor that aims to ensure that the foreign countries that are transparent and demanding stand on their feet compared to their peers.

Where does the company cover the expenses?

SADAT A.Ş. is a commercial organization. However, to date, neither a state contribution or a foreign government grant, an incentive loan, a bank loan, nor a donation have been received by SADAT. SADAT A.Ş. is an independent, unrivaled, national trade company, which is stand on own feet by carrying out legal commercial activities without exception.

Is it true that SADAT was founded as a private company and that it provided training to Syrian Opponents in various camps?

It is not true. SADAT is a legal company created by people who feel national responsibility to fill the gap in the countries and military fields where our country's Armed Forces cannot reach, to meet these needs of friendly countries who want to benefit from the accumulation of the countries with deep-rooted military traditions in the country defense. SADAT has not provided any training to the Syrian Opponents or any other Country so far in various camps.

Who can attend the trainings?

Our trainings are given only to the Armed Forces of the Countries (Army, Police, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard). Individual participation is not possible. For example; It is not possible to attend our sniper training. Such trainings are organized only for the use of the Armed Forces of Countries in the defense of their own country.

Do you have any troops?

SADAT A.Ş. is not a private security company nor a private army neither a private military force! SADAT A.Ş.'s field of activity is related to Consultancy, Training and Supply. Apart from this, it has no operational military power. The structure of SADAT A.Ş. is completely opposite with the structure of the Special Armies, whose name is involved in scandals in various countries. SADAT A.Ş. it is not a military force engaged in illegal, dirty work.

So far, in which camps and facilities did the company train and provide training outside the Ulasli Camp of the Turkish Armed Forces?

SADAT has nothing to do with the Ulaşlı Camp. The location of this camp, which is claimed to have been discovered by R. Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi personally, is still unknown to us. Neither in this camp nor in any other camp and facility SADAT has not provided any training to the Syrian Opposition or members of another country to this day. This claim is completely a lie and slander put forward by Aydınlık Newspaper. The issue was brought to the judiciary and the owners of the slanders were convicted.

What is the extent of the relationship of the AK Party with SADAT founder Adnan Tanrıverdi which has been dismissed from the army and alleged to be counter-guerrilla on the grounds that he has engaged in reactionary activities?

The retired General Mr. Adnan Tanrıverdi welcomes such questions like this with the apprehension. Mr. Adnan Tanrıverdi has been retired because of the lack of staff situation in the Turkish Armed Forces after he completed the waiting period of his brigadier general rank. He has not been dismissed from the army citing the reactionary activity. Retired Brigadier General Mr. Adnan Tanrıverdi is not a counter-guerrilla. He is a person of Turkish Armed Forces who was at the forefront services for 32 years proudly in very different but all elite positions with a successful missionary records and also being who was promoted a year earlier without finishing the waiting period of the captain rank. Mr. Adnan Tanrıverdi is a person who, since his retirement, has received offers from many political parties other than AK Party to enter their political parties and even move in to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM). He does not think of entering politics and does not have such a proposal from the AK Party, and has no physical connection with anybody with any political party. He entered this issue because he saw it as the best service area in accordance with his belief and knowledge and…

If it is true that Syrian opponents are training, are such activities not obvious crimes according to both Turkish Laws and International Laws?

It’s not true that SADAT trains them. SADAT pays utmost attention carefully to the fact that their consultancy services, training and supply activities will not bear any criminal factor under both our own laws and international laws. Almost all of SADAT trainings will be under control of Turkish Ministry of Defense and will be given within their lands and facilities with their own weapons of those foreign countries whom need our services in order to meet the training needs of their legitimate Armed Forces to defend their homeland and to expel the invaders. Our own country and related countries already carry out these activities in their own military training institutions. These activities of SADAT are extremely legitimate just as much as the military training support activities provided by the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) and other countries to some countries.

Does the company use the terrain of the Turkish Armed Forces?

Absolutely not. The company does not have a facility yet outside its own office.

Is this company that announce that it has been training Unconventional Warfare on its website legal?

Unconventional Warfare (GNH) is a legitimate organization that the Armed Forces of Countries use to defend their country. Ülkelerin savunulması için nizami teşkilatlanma ne kadar meşru ise, işgale uğraması halinde, işgalciyi vatanından kovmak için mutasavver işgale uğrayabilecek bölgelerinde, barış zamanından itibaren sivil vatandaşlarını organize etmesi ve onları eğitmesi de o kadar normal ve meşrudur. Meşru olmayan, bu maksatla eğitilen insanları, darbeci veya diktacı zihniyetle kendi insanına karşı kullanılmasıdır. Buna bakarsak, nizami kuvvetler de darbeci ve diktacılar tarafından kendi halkına karşı kullanılmaktadır. GNH'ı gayri meşru sayanların nizami orduyu da gayri meşru sayması gerekir. Burada sap ile saman birbirine karıştırılmamalıdır. SADAT's addressee is legitimate states. SADAT does not provide training for civilian citizens, civil institutions and terrorist organizations.

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