Artillery Forward Observer Training Programmes

Initial Requirements for Courses:

In order to attend the course, trainees must have successfully completed some major trainings

before and gained the skills are;

  1. Being adequate in conditioning and combat physical training,
  2. Being adequate in basic and advanced individual combat training issues,
  3. Being trained in wired and wireless communication systems and signal communication methods.

Trainees showing success during tests of above requirements are accepted into the Forward Observer training programmes

Training Subjects: 

In the Forward Observer training, the trainees are trained first in the classroom and then in the training simulation systems, respectively, by being equipped with light arms and other training materials such as maps, compass, binoculars, calculator and sketching tools etc. Subsequently, the artilleries are trained by expert trainers in practice in heavy weapon firing zones until they reinforce their forward observer duties and make them capable:

  1. Map reading, drawing sketch,
  2. Using binoculars and other observing tools,
  3. Range estimation, target identifying, acquisition and description methods,
  4. Classification of targets and marking them on the map,
  5. Concealment and camouflage; survival techniques,
  6. Coordination with artillery and mortar fire management headquarter,
  7. Factors of fire request, fire support request from air and land vehicles,
  8. Fire adjustment procedures and principles,
  9. Management and administration by signaling; being able to use wired and wireless communication means,
  10. First Aid

Skills to be gained at the end of the Course: 

The trainees gain the following abilities as a result of the Forward Observer Training;

  1. Applying the techniques of cartography (reading, marking, measuring, etc.) and sketch drawing,
  2. Describing accurately and quickly the targets in the field and marking them on a board easily,
  3. In accordance with the characteristics of the field, quickly preparing an observation point and applying concealment and camouflage techniques efficiently,
  4. Ability to make the first fire request and adjustment at the desired targets within the standard time

Artillery Forward Observer Certificate is given to those who are successful as a result of the test and evaluation.

Duration of Course:

Artillery Forward Observer trainings consist of a one-week program in total, with theoretical training, simulation systems training, and finally open field practice.

Subsequently if possible, the acquired skills are reinforced during the year by giving plenty of practice opportunities by assigning tasks to coincide with the shooting and exercises phase of the Artillery and Mortar units.

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