Defense Consultancy


    Emekli paşanın sivil karargâhı

    MUSA KESLER/Istanbul 

    Photos: Hüseyin Özdemir

    The SADAT Defense and Consultancy Company, established by retired Turkish officers to provide technical and strategic training to the personnel of foreign armies, awaits the approval of the Ministry of National Defense. The company, chaired by retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi, has 58 retired soldiers, from non-commissioned officer to generals, in the consultant staff. Journalist writer Abdurrahman Dilipak is also the company's "Middle East Consultant.”  Tanrıverdi stated that their main targets are the armies of the countries of the Middle East and Africa and said, "There are 58 people on our board of advisors, if we get permission, we will be able to complete our infrastructure and provide all kinds of technical, strategic and leadership training.”