Aircraft Type Rating Training

  • SADAT Defense with three different courses in which pilots who retired after successfully serving in the Turkish Armed Forces serve as teachers; It has the ability to train fighter pilots by providing Pilot Training, Aircraft Type Rating Training and Fighter Pilot Training for all types of aircraft and helicopters to the aviator personnel of the demanding country.

    By evaluating the trainings to be given by SADAT Defense according to the types of aircraft and helicopters other than fighter aircrafts, the pilots who have completed the “Pilot Training” receive orientation trainings for the aircraft to be used. These aircrafts can be fighter aircraft, transport, tankers, AWACS aircraft or helicopters. For the planning and implementation of the training of the aircraft used or to be purchased by the demanding countries, extensive studies can be conducted by SADAT Defense, and trainings are conducted on the aircraft of the countries or the aircraft of the contracted third countries with the most appropriate course plan and program.

    Training Subjects

    • Ground lessons regarding aircraft
    • Ground lessons regarding flight
    • Flight training

    Initial Requirements for Courses

    1. Having commercial pilot’s license.
    2. Having health certificate obtained from the hospital authorized by the civil aviation authority.
    3. Not being over 45 years old.

    Abilities to be Gained After the Training

    Having the proficiency and license to fly in the relevant aircraft type.

    Duration of Course

    3 months of ground lesson and 6 months of flight training, for a total of 9 months.