Everything has a point of satisfaction. The point of satisfaction in wars, where victory turns into defeat, it is the last point at which attack, or defense can be sustained. Leaders and competent commanders plan a ceasefire and peace before they reach this point.

    The Jewish population in Israel is about four million people. The male population of the military age can be up to 700 thousand. The number of the military staff in the army is about 500 thousand. If all his reserves are obliged to summon them to the task, no one is left at home and at work. It cannot continue this situation for a long time.

    The war strategy it has implemented so far is to rapidly seize its targets by attacking with the armored units in its dominant form and in its intense air support, allowing UN and western countries to enter as they approach this stage, making a ceasefire without breaking the pace of their combat.

  • Turkey Should Be in the Mechanisms of Global Decision

    USA President Barack Hussein Obama visited Turkey. This visit was interpreted by different people with different perspectives. But I believe that the incident should be interpreted in terms of the visitor's purpose and the location of his country.

    The United States is a global force. The President of the State also must think globally. His visit to Turkey must also be evaluated at this level.

    With its geography, Turkey has a key position in the midst of the Balkans, Caucasus, and Middle East basins, as well as the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Caspian Sea Basins.

    This means that Turkey has the ability and power to actively influence and direct countries in these basins in the Geo-strategic circle, with its Geography.