Turkey Should Be in the Mechanisms of Global Decision (April 08, 2009)

Turkey Should Be in the Mechanisms of Global Decision

USA President Barack Hussein Obama visited Turkey. This visit was interpreted by different people with different perspectives. But I believe that the incident should be interpreted in terms of the visitor's purpose and the location of his country.

The United States is a global force. The President of the State also must think globally. His visit to Turkey must also be evaluated at this level.

With its geography, Turkey has a key position in the midst of the Balkans, Caucasus, and Middle East basins, as well as the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Caspian Sea Basins.

This means that Turkey has the ability and power to actively influence and direct countries in these basins in the Geo-strategic circle, with its Geography.

On the other hand, with its religious, ethnic, and historical ties and administrative experience, it has spread in two parts, covering the western half of Asia and the northern half of Africa, which is owned by the Turkish and Islamic world, and it is a country capable of influencing 60 Islamic countries through its wide geography and has the possibility of interest in the open seas that are on the coast of these countries.

Turkey, In Geo-political Circle, has the potential to be the leader of geography, in the face of all other actors, including the United States.

Barack Hussein Obama, who has been brought to work to improve the US image that George W. Bush has deteriorated, made his first official visit to Turkey outside Canada, knowing that this power of Turkey and providing the US ambitions in the Islamic Geography through Turkey.

Could it be more natural than Obama making expressions that we like?

If Turkey should play a role in achieving the ambitions of the USA, if there is a need to end the Turkish people's enmity with America because of Bush's actions, and if it is desired Turkish-American friendship should be shown in front of the Islamic world, then, the discourses and topics should have been carefully chosen in order to enter in the hearts of the Turkish people. Obama tried to do that.

The visit should be evaluated from the standpoint of American ambitions and world politics.

The US President's visit should be seen at the Global level and its reflection on Turkey at the Geo-strategic and Geo-political level. Looking at the issue as an internal policy issue will lead us to the wrong results.

When comparing Obama's visit with the US harsh policy that addressed the Islamic world and Turkey in the Bush era, it means the beginning of a period in which it was understood that the strength of the Islamic world and Turkey was not underestimated.

It is important to emphasize that the point of view compared to the past period is satisfactory.

Of course, we should not forget that the size of the US economic crisis and the need to erase the bad image it has reached in front of world public opinion has a great impact.

Turkey must take its share of this initiative. It should realize its true strength

What is important is whether the United States of America will give a mission to Turkey to serve its ambitions to dominate the countries that fall into the Geo-political and Geo-strategic circle of Turkey, or will it be in the mechanisms through which policy decisions are made that will be implemented in this geography.

It is time for Turkey to become a play maker in the self-interest circles.

Conjuncture must be exploited. In the phase of repairing the US economy and its image in the world public play, Turkey giving the support that the US wants; should develop policies that are decoding the Western restrictions on the Islamic order and founding the joint movement institutions of the Islamic countries.

To improve the "common movement" capability of Islamic countries, it is necessary to increase the possibilities for economic and cultural cooperation, but not sufficient.

There is a need among the Islamic countries to;

A joint justice institution, both in terms of its own domestic law and in respect of violations arising from external interventions;

The development of a joint military force that can be used immediately, both in their interconnection with each other and in interventions by external forces;

A foreign policy specification institution to resolve issues with each other and to establish a common attitude toward non-participating countries;

The institutionalization of these needs will make the Islamic world a new powerhouse.

Turkey can be in a position used inside the 26-member NATO and at the door of the 27-member EU, while in the 60-nation "Islamic Alliance", it can be found within the actors that set world policies. This is befitting for Turkey.

We must let go of our internal conflicts and take on the main role that awaits us. This is the right time. Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired Brigadier General

President of ASDER

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