Israel Must Be Forced into Defense War (12 January 2009)




Everything has a point of satisfaction. The point of satisfaction in wars, where victory turns into defeat, it is the last point at which attack, or defense can be sustained. Leaders and competent commanders plan a ceasefire and peace before they reach this point.

The Jewish population in Israel is about four million people. The male population of the military age can be up to 700 thousand. The number of the military staff in the army is about 500 thousand. If all his reserves are obliged to summon them to the task, no one is left at home and at work. It cannot continue this situation for a long time.

The war strategy it has implemented so far is to rapidly seize its targets by attacking with the armored units in its dominant form and in its intense air support, allowing UN and western countries to enter as they approach this stage, making a ceasefire without breaking the pace of their combat.

That is, the Israeli Army is an army prepared for a military offensive. While carrying out the attack with the established troops, it takes them out of the battlefield without tiring by mobilizing their reserves and replacing their target units with reserves. In the recent Gaza attack (27 December 2008), we also report that on the seventeenth day of the attack, its reserves were transferred to the front.  Perhaps to change the units that are tired of killing.

In order to defeat Israel, it must be forced to defend, angered all forces and extend the duration of the war.

What could be Israel's GOALS in the December 27, 2008 Gaza Attack?

The new US President, Barack Hussein Obama, is being declared to be a peaceful attitude (the United States is informally informant). It will come like an apostle of peace, will play a rescuing role in the oppression of the US and Israel to the final line. Then, Israel's goals in the attack, without the transfer and delivery of US presidents are:

  • By enclosing the settlements in Gaza and, as in the West Bank, the control points in which villages, towns and cities will be established and disconnected from each other,
  • To completely break the contact with the outside world by completely blockading the Gaza Strip,
  • To strike a large impact on the resistance in Gaza,
  • Extermination the resources of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, destroying their cities, and leading them to poverty,
  • Intimidation Arabs and the whole Islamic World,
  • Declaring an unrivaled strength in the Middle East,
  • Earning points for the ruling party in the Parliamentary elections,
  • At the latest until January 20, 2009, with its move and the advantage for subsequent moves, without excessive wear on its troops, in a time as if for a drive hunt, it could make Palestine and the whole world accept "CEASE-FIRE" unconditionally.

What Are the Appropriate Ceasefire Conditions?

We should not forget that Israel expanded step by step in Palestine and destroyed it with similar campaigns. The Palestinian people should not give up before getting a reward for the destroyed cities, the poverty and suffering, and the provided martyrs from Israel.  If necessary, he should seek a ceasefire that does not risk his future by taking the same losses back. Therefore,

  • Hamas must be recognized by Israel as the legitimate Government of the Palestinian State.
  • The Israeli Military presence must be fully withdrawn from the Gaza strip.
  • The blockade around the Gaza Strip must be lifted.
  • Gaza Port should be opened to international sea traffic.
  • It must be ensured that any assistance to Gaza will not be prevented in any way.
  • The property and moral damage of the Palestinian people in Gaza must be compensated.
  • The deployment of a peacekeeping force from Islamic countries in Gaza should be accepted.
  • Peace negotiations should be initiated within three months of the "cease-fire".

What should Turkey do?

It must now be seen that the Turkish and Israeli Armed Forces will face each other in the medium term at the latest. It should be noted that there is a target conflict with Israel that will require hostility rather than friendship. The continuation of the resistance in Palestine is also necessary for Turkey's security. Israel's expansion must not be permitted. In order to do this, national forces must engage to prevent Israel from overflowing its borders set by the United Nations in 1949.

Turkey, in order to show its determination against Israel, the Arab and Islamic world, and the supporters of Israel in the West:

  • Political determination should be shown by discussing the issue in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
  • International efforts should be continued and the use of military force in Islamic countries should be encouraged.
  • Turkey's great Ambassador in Israel must be withdrawn.
  • The Turkish-Israeli Military and Education Co-operation Agreement must be suspended.
  • The payments of the Turkish-Israeli Defense Industry Co-operation Agreement and the Military Tenders must be suspended.
  • There should be joint military exercise, in which our Land, Sea, and Air elements participate, in the International waters of the eastern Mediterranean.
  • Charitable convoys to be removed from Turkey should be unloaded to the Gaza Port, accompanied by Turkish warships.
  • The resistance organizations in Gaza must be supported with anti-tank weapons and low-altitude anti-aircraft weapons.
  • Until the conditions set forth by the Palestinian legitimate government are accepted, it must be declared that pressing Palestinian on the Ceasefire will not be acceptable and that the Palestinian government will be supported.

What should the Islamic World do?

The real reason for the conflict, wars, and rapes in the whole Islamic Geography, is that the Islamic world cannot have a joint will. The bold and determined steps Turkey will take on the Palestinian issue will cause several Islamic states, especially our border neighbors, to reorganize their foreign policies. Our sensitivity will be taken into account by both Israel and the Westerners.

For these reasons, the following activities must be conducted and supported by Turkey.

  • A charity fund should be established that consists of certain amounts of Islamic countries committed to paying each month, from this fund, the monthly budget of the legitimate Palestinian government should be met, and a monthly salary should be tied to each adult.
  • The emergency meeting of the "Defense Ministers of Islamic countries" should be called; the "Defense Co-operation" possibilities should be investigated; the core of this cooperation with Turkey, Iran, Syria, the Iraqi Resistance Organization and Palestine should be established; in this framework, the possibilities of the "Islamic rapid intervention Force", which will consist of an amphibious brigade, an armored brigade, and an airborne brigade must be sought and encouraged.
  • Pressure must be applied to open the Rafah gate of Egypt
  • Syria must be encouraged to expand its military presence on the Israeli border.

The Turkish states have prevented 21 Crusader flights, targeting the Western Islamic world throughout its history. It did not take a role in the occupations that came with the Second World War, we can call them the 22, 23, and 24 Crusades, the establishment of the Israeli state, and the US occupation in Iraq. In the end, the business has again fallen to Turkey. Avoiding this responsibility is against our historical mission, our obligations to the civilization we belong to, to the survival of Turkey.

The effort is of us and the appreciation is from God Almighty. January 12, 2009

Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired Brigadier General

ASDER Gnr. Chairman