• Aydınlık Newspaper published wide news about the SADAT Defense on its copy on September 03, 2012.

    The Newspaper, which devotes half of its first page and the entire ninth page to this news and declaring that it will continue to report tomorrow; It made charges against ASDER and SATAD by interpreting the information on the SADAT Defense website from its own perspective and adding unrealistic information.

    A positive matter could only be distorted in this way.

    Almost all the 60 Muslim countries gained independence or were established after World War II.

    These countries needed the help and support of countries with deep-rooted military traditions and defense industry producers, to organize their armed forces, training, and equipment during and after their establishment.

    Today, western foreign "Defense Consultancy" Companies operate in around 20 Muslim Countries.


    Syria dropped a Turkish Air Force RF-4E Exploratory aircraft 13 miles from Latakia on the date 2012 June 22, claiming it violated the Territorial waters. In the statement made by the Syrian Ministry of Defense;


    It was confirmed that "An aircraft was seen penetrating the Syrian border by about 1 km and that the plane flying at a low altitude in the territorial waters penetrated the borders, and as a result of the bombing from anti-aircraft batteries, the plane was located at a distance of approximately 10 nautical miles and that after hitting the target it was observed, it is a Turkish plane, and they participated with Türkiye in the search for pilots”1.

    "Our plane was dropped as unarmed and 13 miles from the Syrian coast, outside the Syrian Territory, when we were conducting an intended test flight to try our radar system," Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu said in a statement to the press on 24 June 2012.

    Although the statement made by Syria seems innocent, the shooting down of our plane is a pr-calculated and planned hostile act.

  • They Set Up Turnkey Armies

    Can you imagine?
    Someone goes on and saying that "I will teach to kill men with the assassination, to organize sabotage, to perform the measure (terror) movements.”
    They are clearly banging the drums and saying, "I will commit crimes and I will teach to commit crimes.”
    Not only that, but they also apply to establish a company.
    They say to themselves, "OK, you are licensed to do these things.”
    They are so fearless, you would be surprised. They wander without a stick ..
    Is this because of their purity, or because of their most excused appearance?
    They certainly say, "time is our time.”
    They announced all of their talents on official websites without any hesitation.
    Their activities are not limited to irregular War.
    Light weapons are a simple thing for them. They even provide missile, tank, aircraft, warship training.
    They say we teach land, sea, and air operations.
    They re-organize the armies.

  • The Poor and Orphan Children of Islam

    A new massacre every day.

    They enter the country by killing.

    After entering, they mix it so much that the blood does not stop.

    Since 2003, 650 thousand civilians have been murdered in Iraq.

    Thousands of civilians die every year in Afghanistan.

    Palestine cries blood for 60 years.   Like an open prison ..

    Israel has been bombing Gaza for five days since December 27, 2008, indefinitely, with all the force of modern warfare. As of December 31, when this article was written, there were 380 martyrs and at least 1,700 wounded.

    In the Islamic world, reactions are avalanche, but there are no results.

    The massacre pictures are painful.

    These Countries are the "Poor and Orphan of Islam".

    But the despair and the inability to help these “Poor and Orphan Children” hurts even more.

  • With the Armenian attack on Azerbaijan, it becomes clear in the media that our company is transporting mercenaries from Syria to Azerbaijan.

    It is understood that the statements we made regarding similar false news that had been raised before, the denial writings we sent, and the compensation lawsuits we brought, were not taken into consideration.

    SADAT Defense provides the Strategic defense and security consultancy, modernization and reorganization service, private defense, and security training services with supply services for the Armed Forces and Police Formations of the Islamic countries.