The Poor and Orphan Children of Islam (December 29, 2008)

The Poor and Orphan Children of Islam

A new massacre every day.

They enter the country by killing.

After entering, they mix it so much that the blood does not stop.

Since 2003, 650 thousand civilians have been murdered in Iraq.

Thousands of civilians die every year in Afghanistan.

Palestine cries blood for 60 years.   Like an open prison ..

Israel has been bombing Gaza for five days since December 27, 2008, indefinitely, with all the force of modern warfare. As of December 31, when this article was written, there were 380 martyrs and at least 1,700 wounded.

In the Islamic world, reactions are avalanche, but there are no results.

The massacre pictures are painful.

These Countries are the "Poor and Orphan of Islam".

But the despair and the inability to help these “Poor and Orphan Children” hurts even more.

The protests are not enough. It cannot prevent massacres. It does not remove the sin from one and a half billion Muslims.

We have armies. We have a Navy. We have modern air force. But we cannot protect the oppressed.

Deterrence is possible by using boldly acting force.

The heart wished that the Islamic warships were heading to the eastern Mediterranean when they bombed Gaza. The air force had to conduct exercises in the eastern Mediterranean.

Before the attack, they visited Turkey and Egypt to see If it can be deterred and they would not attack.

The western-backed US-ISRAEL military presence in the region that has drenched the Middle East in blood, destabilized, destroyed the material and moral values, and continued its secret and open activities to dissolve the Islamic countries.

Armed organizations in Palestine, Hezbollah in Lebanon and resistance organizations and their activities in Iraq are self-defense organizations that are revealed by the reality of occupation. This resistance organizations defending their own country at the same time, defend the other Middle Eastern countries, including Turkey.

For the Islamic world in the near future, the primary and important threat is the western-backed US-ISRAEL military presence in the Middle East. Some Islamic countries, including Turkey, will threaten his power soon, a way of cooperation and alliance will make their task easier.

The absence of "defensive cooperation" between Islamic countries and the absence of a common will to resist occupation arouses the desires of the overriding powers. Depending on the will of the Islamic countries; had it been possible to establish an active "Islamic surprise response force" equipped with modern weapons deployed on the territory of any of the Islamic countries that could be transported by land, sea and air that could be shipped at the request of the Islamic State exposed to occupation, it would have obtained a high degree of deterrence for abuses in similar situation. Unfortunately, Islamic countries are far from the organizations that will protect their countries.

The provision of peace is possible with the military force that can stop the threat of the armed force.  For this reason, assaults should be treated. The Armed Forces are like the tongs in the hand holding the fire. The countries in which this fire is burning cannot be saved from the fire unless they can direct their retaliation at the hands holding the tongs. Technological backwardness does not prevent the fire from carrying it into the enemy's territory. With the possibilities they have, the Islamic countries should first develop and, in parallel, prepare the possible threats, deterrence methods in the territory of their adversary, and then encourage joint defense co-operation.

Turkey should develop policies and strategies free from the directives of the West and the United States in the direction of the expectations of Islamic countries and lead to leadership in our region. The current political and military situation in the Middle East and the expectations of Islamic countries is the leadership of Turkey.

Iran and Syria are ready to cooperate from yesterday.

Let us take care of our orphans before it is too late. December 29, 2008

Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired Brigadier General

Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASDER