Clarification related to LIE News of Aydınlık Newspaper

Aydınlık Newspaper published wide news about the SADAT Defense on its copy on September 03, 2012.

The Newspaper, which devotes half of its first page and the entire ninth page to this news and declaring that it will continue to report tomorrow; It made charges against ASDER and SATAD by interpreting the information on the SADAT Defense website from its own perspective and adding unrealistic information.

A positive matter could only be distorted in this way.

Almost all the 60 Muslim countries gained independence or were established after World War II.

These countries needed the help and support of countries with deep-rooted military traditions and defense industry producers, to organize their armed forces, training, and equipment during and after their establishment.

Today, western foreign "Defense Consultancy" Companies operate in around 20 Muslim Countries.

Our country is in a position to compete with its Western counterparts in terms of military formation, discipline, education and combat strength, which has firmly rooted traditions in the military field.

On the one hand, it has made important developments in terms of defense industries and is able to produce major combat vehicles.

Turkish Armed Forces, which have become independent since 1990, striving to transfer its expertise based on its established traditions, whether to the Turkish countries or to 27 countries that have a historical link with our country.

But there are countries and areas it cannot reach. Service requests from countries that our armed forces cannot catch up with do not stop. In some way, they meet these needs from other channels.

SADAT Defense is an International Defense Consultancy company that has emerged from the gathering of people who have seen this need and who have felt as an obligation to deliver this service.

Its activities are conducted within the framework of Laws 5201 and 5202.

In accordance with law 5202 and the provisions of the Regulation drafted under this law, SADAT Defense prepared a number of documents and information to be submitted to the Ministry of National Defense control and inspection and delivered them to the Ministerial Units at the beginning of June. Upon approval, the Company shall have the ability to execute the activities set out in the Agreement.

SADAT Defense until this date, has been engaged in gathering information and documents required for its activities, has not carried out any activity effectively yet.

Our company is a legitimate, transparent, non-confidential business that works on legitimate grounds, in the area surrounding applicable law, and will carry out its future activities with this understanding.

After these general explanations, I would like to return to the news of the Aydınlık newspaper.

On Wednesday, August 29, 2012, a reporter from Aydınlık Newspaper, who said that he was Ceyhun Bozkurt, called our company and talked about some of the allegations after receiving general information about our company.

He asked whether we had trained the Syrian opponents and whether the money collected in the Gulf countries was going to the Opposition through us.

We have indicated that our Company has not yet been active, has not been trained in any country or group, either at home or abroad, and that there is no money that we have received to be given to the Syrian opposition from any country or source.

Therefore, the news on this topic does not have any real relevance. The information that “2800 people are trained by us and some 300-400 groups are trained by us in camps, and our goal is to train more than 4500 people” is completely false.

SADAT Defense Company believes that the administration of Bashar Assad in Syria has lost its legitimacy, that this administration has inflicted cruelty on its people, which the occupier did not do, and that the opponents of this administration should be actively supported. However, it will not be possible to support with its own will and without the approval of the Turkish Republic state. Although demanded by the Syrian opposition, education support has not been given, as our establishment process has not been completed.

It means we do not train and arm the Syrian "gangs".

However, SADAT defense will be able to provide consultancy, education, and equipment support to the military forces of foreign countries, which are deemed legitimate by our country, in the areas they need.

These services have not yet started actively.

Looking at our company as a "legal guerrilla organization" can only be the result of distorted thinking. The training to be provided by SADAT Defense are not illegal warfare training to be used against innocent civilians, as the newspaper thinks and claims; Against the military forces occupying their country, when they have no regular power, they will be given to the foreign armed forces who want to get an education that will narrow the occupied lands. This training is also a legitimate way of operations, both in the front of domestic law and in the field of International law. Accepting this crime means confusing the straw and the hay.


Aydinlik 01 09 2012


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SADAT Defense is not a Company established under the government's direction. On the contrary, Government officials tried to understand our initiative. It is a company set up by people who feel the responsibility to deliver this service as a burden to their shoulders, regardless of daily politics.

On the other hand, ASDER, of which we are so proud of being a member, has always acted under law and justice, and it is nothing more than slander to acknowledge that Ergenekon and Balyoz cases of this day were involved in the spoofing and forgery of information and documents. It is a fictitious and imaginary crop. ASDER members did nothing but explicitly report if there was anything they knew. Their works are also presented for public opinion and on websites.

We are convinced that Aydınlık Newspaper, by publishing inks about the SADAT Defense, provided an opportunity for some parties to control it. Our Legal Rights Are Reserved, SADAT Defense, the facts about it are respectfully announced to the public.


Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired General

Chairman of the Board of Directors of SADAT Defense

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