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The beginning of the last century witnessed the fall of empires. Nations within empires were controlled by winners of the World War I in form of small states. Dependent states were condemned to totalitarian regimes even though they considered themselves independent. Dictators were protected and supported by dominating countries.

Between the two world wars, developed countries of the West were rather governed by the fascist dictatorial regime while the Soviets and the dependent countries were governed by communist dictatorial regime.

After the Second World War, democratic systems modeled on the United States and England settled in the western states, while Communism was adopted as the system of government in Russia and its dependents.

The West, led by America against Communism, created NATO bloc and the Russian-led Soviet Union, created the WARSAW Pact against the raging capitalism.


The past century was a period in which the armed power was emphasized, developed and promoted, and countries which could not gain their independence were exploited as a result of the clash of two superpowers and the ideologies they represent.

After the World War II, the League of Nations was revised and reorganized by winners of the War (10 January 1920: 18 April 1946) and the United Nations Organization was established on October 24th, 1945.

Although the purpose of the United Nations Organization was stated as "to provide justice and security, economic development and social equality for all countries", the Western States utilized the United Nations Organization as a means to set and maintain their own system of exploitation.

Deployed in Palestine as the outpost of the 27th Crusade following the Second World War and thrust like a dag into in the heart of Islamic Geography, Israel has been supported as the watchman of the Christian World and protected by all organizations including the UN under the control of the West; which gave the world the impression as if the entire world is governed by Zionist powers and patronized the World of Islam by means of this small state, actually acting as the pawn of the West.


By the end of the century, the Soviet Union, trying to keep Afghanistan under occupation, dissolved and collapsed and the socialist ideology collapsed.

Remaining unrivaled at the beginning of this century, the USA and NATO appointed themselves as the gendarmerie of the world. The USA and its allies successively invaded Afghanistan and Iraq on the pretext that they intended to bring freedom to these countries. These two military invasions proved costly to the West, bringing their economies to a stage of downturn and convincing them of the fact that sovereignty cannot be maintained by military occupations.


Around 60 Muslim States, which are members of the United Nations, have been incapable of creating an alliance and gaining the power they deserve as they have not been able to save themselves from the control of the West and to bring their national governments into power despite their geography of high geostrategic importance, positioned at the heart of three continents across which global land, marine and air transportation is possible, as well as their rich underground and aboveground resources and supreme spiritual values they represent.


Super and regional powers of the world (U.S.A, EU, Russia, Japan, China and India) have their eyes on the Islamic geography. To achieve political and economic interests, they struggle to establish sovereignty over Islamic countries and drift them into a state of chaos.


Together with the establishment of the republic, Türkiye considered the Islamic religion, Islamic values and the civilization they represent as a threat on the assumption that it is impossible to reach up to the level of developed states without changing the society with socio-cultural revolutions.


Turning face towards the west by presenting the image of Western civilization as the ultimate goal to be achieved, our country turned its back on the Islamic States and the Muslim nations and was estranged from the Islamic world. Acting under the control of the West for a century, our country has been skeptical of Islamic States, seeing them as a threat. This view has led to the formation of two completely dissimilar wills in the State (bureaucratic and political will) and a constant conflict between these two, eventually causing the State to squander its power on the Nation.



Keeping political will and bureaucratic authority under control, the armed forces let their fundamentalism syndrome cause religious people to feel estranged from the state; moreover, their intention to destroy religious values which are vital elements of a unified nation, and their secular nationalist attitude caused the Kurdish people to question their loyalty to the State.


The unity of the Islamic countries depends on the leadership of Türkiye; and the leadership of Türkiye on the Islamic countries depends on the ability to render the National Will dominant over all the institutions of the State.

The future is likely to become hard times for the Islamic countries which are on the path to choose democracy by overthrowing authoritarian governments. Young democracies which are to fight against corruption, poverty and to struggle for justice must not be left again to the control of the West to solve their enormous problems. They need solidarity and fair guides. They need economic cooperation and support, guidance in foreign policy, cooperation in defense against exploiters, and alternative systems of justice against violation of rights arising from their own countries and third countries.


The welfare of Turk and Muslim Nations and restoration of peace and justice in the world hinges upon appearance of Islamic Countries as a super power on the global political scene.


SADAT Inc. is a business corporation established and highlighting services to contribute to the emergence of the World of Islam as a Super power and to promote an environment of cooperation in field of Defense and Defense Industry among Islamic Countries. July 11th, 2012



Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired General

Chairman of the Board of Directors of SADAT Inc.

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