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What SADAT A.Ş. will do, was published in the Trade Registry Gazette dated 28 February 2012.

Accordingly SADAT Inc.'s business sectors (taking into consideration the interests of the Republic of Turkey) can be summarized as listed below meet the needs of friendly and allied countries;

  1. Consulting security forces (for armed forces and police agencies),
  2. Training security personnel on the subjects they will need to defend their country,
  3. To act as an intermediary in the supply of war weapons and vehicles demanded by the defence and security forces to defend their country,
  4. To create the defense and defense industry cooperation environment among friendly countries, and advising on these issues, Turkey's defense equipments to create a market environment, providing organizations on issues related to among countries.

The company carries out these activities under the 5201 and 5202 numbered laws and other related regulations, as determined under the supervision and control by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Turkey.

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