Absurd Indigestion of Leftist and Kemalists over SADAT is Continuing

Leftist and Kemalist minds, who perceive "armed training consultancy" as changing the constitutional order, have lost the mental balance and they are determined like the first day to destroy all kinds of discourses, actions and structures that belong to religion and religious people.

A smear campaign has been launched recently against the International Defense Consultancy Construction Industry and Trade Company (SADAT) which is founded by Retired General Adnan Tanrıverdi, the former chief advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

With the operation led by the Cumhuriyet newspaper, there is such a big effort to highlight SADAT as an element that will "overthrow the constitutional order". Cumhuriyet newspaper carries out a perception operation by bringing the issue back to the agenda with interviews with Kemalists.

A while ago, Ümit Özdağ made unsupported claims about SADAT and its founder Retd. Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi, claiming that "SADAT has armed training camps in cities of Tokat and Konya". He also cited the United States and Israel as the source of these claims.

Meral Akşener assumed it was true that she had heard from a person who was his friend and slandered by saying "SADAT has Armed Training Camps in Tokat and Konya". Ankara Office of the Chief Prosecutor, which accepted this statement as a criminal complaint, initiated a prosecution against SADAT and called Meral Akşener to testify. In the long interrogation, to the question of where you got the information, she said "I do not remember", to the question of whether you have a document, she said "no"; and after this questioning, she could not mention SADAT again.

In the face of these allegations, SADAT made a statement on its website and provided information about its activities.

While SADAT is describing itself, used this expression, “SADAT Defense has provided services in the fields of strategic consultancy, special defense and security trainings and equipment in order to organize the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces in the international arena, to create a defense and defense industry cooperation environment between Islamic Countries and it has the mission of helping the Islamic World to take its deserved place among the World Superpowers as a self-sufficient military power.”

The Republican People's Party (CHP) MPs do not mind that NATO member states of the European Union, known as the Western bloc in the world, have been ability to conduct armed training, work and sharing within themselves since the institution was first established, and do not consider them as imperial powers, but they consider the activities of Muslims as 'actions that work in support of imperial elements'.  So why is it seen as a problem when the issue is using Muslims' organizational skills and enhancing collaboration?

Because the "secret intelligentsia" of our country does not want to see any action, discourse or even lifestyle except for itself and the west. Basically, this mass which can exist out of hatred and anger towards Islam and Muslims, naturally does not have to do with the facts and realities. They are trying to humiliate and defame Muslims and the institutions under Muslim rule with their own writings.

Leftist and Kemalist news websites make headlines with the discourses of CHP and Iyi Party MPs, present SADAT as a paramilitary structure, likening the Blackwater used by the USA in Iraq. They blame SADAT, which aims to create consultancy and strategies for warfare and unconventional warfare, by claiming to have provided assassination trainings.

Cumhuriyet tried to bring the issue to the agenda again by publishing exclusive news against SADAT last week. Cumhuriyet, tries to create a certain perception in its news, has brought this issue to the agenda through the CHP MPs before.

Unbelievable claims are made about SADAT in the content of Cumhuriyet’s news. As can be seen in the content of the news, the ugliest accusations come from Aytun Çıray, the MP from Iyi Party.

"In America and Russia, there are special warfare companies like SADAT, these companies are trying to "contribute to the implementation of state policies in the foreign world" in jobs that states do not want to interfere with, Çıray said, "SADAT is making statements and activities in such a way as to direct the regime in Turkey, trying to establish international organizations, engaged in political Islamist activities. That's the problem."

Iyi Party MP Çıray is trying to smear SADAT on Kemalist news websites with his statements likening it to paramilitary criminal organizations, claiming that SADAT is conducting political Islamist activity, as he described the administration in Turkey as a "regime".

Çıray goes further, emphasizing that "SADAT acts as an autonomous armed force within the state and tries to produce politics, rather than acting as a private security company". "Çıray also added; "FETO members tried to establish a parallel state within the Turkish Armed Forces. They also act like parallel army militia forces."

Retired soldiers also make dirty claims about SADAT in the news of the Kemalist media organ Cumhuriyet

Retired Staff Colonel Murat Tulga, emphasizing that "the issue of ‘unconventional warfare’ is a subject that the armed forces should contemplate, and claims that "it is irrelevant to deal with this situation by a civilian organization and to express an opinion".

Retired Major General Ahmet Yavuz, emphasizing that it is "unfavorable" for an organization other than the Turkish Armed Forces to provide such training, "Everything must be under the control of the state. It is unclear how such companies will be inclined and the rules of the state of law are enforced." Pointing out that Turkey has to remain as a state of law, Yavuz claims that "Tanrıverdi opposes the republic and must be carefully followed."

SADAT stands out as Turkey's first and only private defense company

For SADAT activities, it is said; "SADAT Defense provides services in 3 main fields: Strategic Consultancy (reorganization and modernization), Special Trainings and Ordnance services to the Armed Forces of friendly and allied countries of the Republic of Turkey (referred to the official armies of the states) and the Police Departments".

We can see that SADAT's Unconventional Warfare (GNH) program is not in the way the Cumhuriyet claims, as can be accessed on website. For the GNH program, SADAT states that it provides "intelligence, resistance operations, guerrilla operations, rescue-abduction operations, special forces operations, psychological warfare operations, unconventional warfare leadership training". SADAT stated that they aimed to provide strategic military trainings about GNH and stated that they gave "operational techniques consisting of sabotage, raid, ambush, destruction, assassination, rescue and abduction, terrorism, street movements type actions and secret activities" with GNH trainings.

Cumhuriyet claims that "bomb production is also taught", citing SADAT as an enemy. Cumhuriyet likens SADAT to Gladio and saying: "The program, which contains the specified destruction training package, also contains a package of "unconventional warfare" training which is the technique used by Gladio."

There have been many coups in the Turkish Armed Forces, led by the Kemalist custodian soldiers. Some of the coup plotters tried to legitimize themselves as elements of Gladio who are working to “protect the homeland and return Ataturk's principles”.

Kemalist custody saw TAF as the most solid fortress for itself in the level of state in Turkey. Junta supporters, who were hit hard when the July 15 coup attempt was defeated by the people in Turkey, continue to bark for coups in the civilian field by hiding their identities.

Kemalist groups are trying to make passive the institutions and organizations that perform strategic activities such as SADAT, by accusing them of "attempting to overthrow the Constitution", just like they do to political parties and governments.

Do not these statements of the Kemalist custodians remind us of the periods when they "barked for a coup"?


Quoted from: Sol ve Kemalistlerin SADAT hazımsızlığı absürtlükle devam ediyor

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