ASSAM and SADAT as Soft Power Elements

Movement against the Shah.

International newspapers reported that the maritime border agreement signed between Turkey and Libya in December 2019 is a Shah Mat move that Turkey drew against all other actors in the game in defining the areas of authority in the eastern Mediterranean region. We felt proud.

Many strategy experts have written about the deal and are still writing and drawing. I want to address a point that has been evaded by the public regarding the outcome of the agreement.

All countries with ambitions in the Eastern Mediterranean region have agreed against Turkey's move, agreeing that the move will be wasted and that the way they will avoid being Matt has gone through the elimination of the Libyan National Memorandum government, which will be replaced by a rescinding of the deal in the next government. The Berlin conference has led to a single path to Turkey, which was invited by the United Nations-recognized Libyan National Government to join Libya.

 Trying to get out of the Mat gripper with the Pawn

The Khalifa Hafter [i] commissioned by the CIA in 2014 to seize Libya's oil, is a pawn that is being promoted by the demolition of the National Consensus Government urgently.

At the meetings in both Moscow and Berlin, have sought to gain legitimacy to Hafter. I do not see the need to go into the background of these subjects that have already been reviewed by experts in details. But it is clear that Haftar does not have quality human resources in the field. Despite the embargo, this terrorist supported by weapons and ammunition is being shown to have seized 75% of the country’s area by controlling only the desert areas that make up the vast part of the Libyan territory. "If the request comes from Libya, we can send a private military company that employs mercenaries like Russia," President Erdoğan said in his statement, until the press informed that mercenaries went to Libya to change the balance of power in favor of Haftar, who had insufficient human resources.[ii]

President Erdogan's statements have brought to mind the SADAT International Defense Consultancy Company.

As attention turned to SADAT, cards had to be confused again about Libyan affair. Wagner announced that it has started to withdraw from the field.[iii]

That is, the fact that President Erdogan has revealed his will has required all parties in Libya to determine their positions again. Although Turkey has an important power which can not be underestimated on the international arena, some inner focus prefer to believe the fairy tales whispering their ears rather than acknowledging the truth they see.

Countries seeking to achieve interests in Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean region, which have been using regional resources for many years, have not been delayed in launching a smear campaign by taking positions to prevent Turkey from playing its Special Military Company card.


The founder of SADAT, the Head of The Center for Strategic Studies, ADNAN Tanrıverdi, the Chairman of ASSAM The Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center, instead of living in retirement life since 1996, when he retired from the Turkish Armed Forces with Brigadier rank, has been developing strategies and projects to help Turkey and the Islamic world out of the state and become a superpower.

ASDER was able to gather thousands of people who were separated guilty from their missions due to their beliefs under a roof during the postmodern coup on 28 February, as a result of long studies, was able to ensure that aggrieved were gotten some of their rights in 2011, despite the restrictions. During this period of work, ASSAM began developing strategies as a platform within ASDER, which created SADAT in 2012 and the ASSAM acquired an institutional identity in 2013.

Looking back today, we find that the retired Brigadier General, Adnan Tanriverdi, has made an important impact in the past 50 years through his services during the tenure of his position and the website, ASDER [iv], ASSAM[v], SADAT[vi],

Senior Advisor to the President of the Republic, Member of Security and the Foreign Policy Authority.

Today, the leaps that Turkey has taken in foreign policy carry traces of strategies and projects that were written, drawn and reported by Mr. Adnan Tanrıverdi 15-20 years ago.

Today, the  international forces in hostile attitude of Turkey are carrying out activities of lying, slandering and defamation against Mr. Adnan Tanrıverdi, ASSAM and SADAT, and they are certain of these facts.[vii]

These campaigns of deformation, lies and slander are executed in similar ways internally. At the event of International Congress of ASSAM held for the THIRD time in December, they tried to make the Mufti a goat thief by converting the phrase "Don't run into ease of waiting Mahdi (a.s.), do your work for the unification of Islamic countries"  into an uproar, "they will announce the Mahdi".

Thus, ASSAM works that have been carried out for years but did not received the attention they deserve in the public, have had the opportunity to reach large masses. This was also reflected in the digital data.


Figure 1 Comparison of 2-month data for the period October - November 2019 with the period December 2019 - January 2020.

Figure 2 ASSAM website visit graphic

This gives us a greater sense of responsibility with a perseverance to work. Sometimes we have had the opportunity to correct and compensate for those who are overlooked, missed, and forgotten in the intensity of work, with the feedback we receive.

Only the prophets are immune from mistakes. We process a lot of mistakes and defects. Therefore, Allah orders us to pray as follows;

'Our Lord do not take us to account if we have forgotten or made a mistake. Our Lord do not burden us with a load as You have burdened those before us. Our Lord do not over burden us with more than we can bear. And pardon us, and forgive us, and have mercy on us. You are our Guide, so give us victory over the nation, the unbelievers.’ AL-BAQARA 286

To be 20 years ahead of Turkey

Today, at the target of the bustle, is targeting the personal side of Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi, who is seen as the source of the strategies produced 15-20 years ago, and exhausting these exceptional institutions that carried out works on both Turkey's gains in Libya and the Islamic Union of ASSAM.

This person and his institutions, who have carry out works that will save us after 20-50 years, still stuck in the 28 February period, following the agenda 25 years behind, "Not crime!", "isn't it a crime?", it is not possible for heads with delusions to understand that.

 They cannot understand yesterday, nor can they understand today and tomorrow. They cannot read the world's facts either.

 There is the type of man whose speech about this world's life May dazzle thee, and he calls Allah to witness about what is in his heart; yet is he the most contentious of enemies. 205*When he turns his back, His aim everywhere is to spread mischief through the earth and destroy crops and cattle. But Allah loveth not mischief. (Al-Baqara 204 - 205)

Turkish Armed Forces take off ToKat

With the aim of depriving Turkey's moves in Libya in order to take away the rights in the eastern Mediterranean, the naming of SADAT in front of the mercenaries who will support Haftar was enough to change the balances.

Turkey does not need SADAT in Libya. Despite this, Haftar's puppeteers are screaming in rage because of the hand raised by the Turkish Armed Forces to slap Hafter. The hand raised by the Turkish armed forces will come down with force, everyone who stood against Turkey in Libya will be dispersed, and the campaigns against SADAT, ASSAM and their founder will end inevitably as soon as they want. At that time, will hear the real scream.

Let us see who is going to scream!

ASSAM and SADAT are soft powers

Soft powers that do not even have state support behind ASSAM and SADAT today.[viii]

ASSAM is a soft power that creates strategies and produces alternative methods by presenting it to the globe public opinion.

As for SADAT, it does not have armed forces, but as a soft power that provides reorganization, consultancy, training and supplying services for the Armed Forces and police Corps in Islamic countries, that would enable them to use their Hard Power effectively.

Those who claim that Sadat possesses strict power, that is the armed force, and those who lie to the secret army, paramilitary forces, mercenaries, etc. are accused of not submitting their evidence, information, and documents to the  prosecutor's office.

Filming the video with the script and presenting SADAT workers with lies and serve are FETO’s inured tactics. If you have any evidence go and file a criminal complaint. SADAT has been in operation since 2012. It is not possible to prove that they committed one crime.

As our grandparents said:

A wolf that does not bark a hundred dogs behind, is not considered a wolf.

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