SADAT Defense and Proxy Wars (1)

Western countries, which were devastated by the World War II, entered into a global agreement with each other in order to restore their economies, which were almost collapsed by the destructive effect of the war, and the European Union was born.

The victors of the war, the USA, Britain and France, continued their colonial understanding and targeted the African Continent and Middle East Islamic Countries. They succeeded in evaluating the developing countries in the Middle East as a rich market and started to sell the weapons they developed to these countries to destroy each other.

These countries sow discord among countries in our region in order to find a market for their arms industry and to make them fight each other. The countries of the region bought more expensive weapons from the western countries with the oil revenues they sold in order to fight each other, and their peoples were doomed to impoverishment as their economies collapse day by day.

These countries, ruled by puppet rulers, could not see the truth because of fighting each other, and were doomed to live in blood and tears under the rule of pro-western servants with so-called justice and peace.

Western countries carried out their dirty work not directly by the state but through the military consultancy companies they established, and they became an indispensable element of proxy wars in the region through more than thirty military companies.

With the companies they established, they structured the armies of the Islamic Countries, organized their staff and organizations according to their own arms industry, and thus easily sold their weapons.

So much so that while providing consultancy services, they established armored units in the mountainous regions where special operations units should be deployed, and turned them into a trade resource with bulky, with inability of self-preserving armies.

These companies, which are not satisfied with only the supply of military equipment, have trained the armed forces of the countries and the security units they use in internal security in accordance with their own culture and understanding, against the customs and belief systems of Islam, and they have created armies that perceive the religion of Islam as a danger.

Following the so-called Arab Spring actions in the name of the perception of rights and justice, the rulers of the country were subdued, chaos and civil war continued, the rulers who came to power with the elections were overthrown by coups.

The Egyptian Army, the best example of which we see today, is just one of them. A coup was made by the army, which saw its own values as enemies, and the elected President Mohamed Morsi and members of the government were imprisoned and discharged.

The situation in Libya is not different. When we look at the forces behind the civil war, we see Russian and American-supported proxy fighter companies. Thousands of weapons and ammunition reach the opposition fighters in Libya despite the United Nations decision that prohibits the sale of arms to the parties in order to stop the war in the country, and the chaos in the country is increasing day by day.

As in Syria, the legitimate government in Libya, which has settled down with Turkey's involvement in this bad run, has managed to gain power against the coup plotter Haftar. Was not it the same that happened recently in Nagorno-Karabakh? If Turkey had not been a party to this occupation, would the 26-year feud have been ended?

From there to here in 2012, there were a handful of people who realized this type of policy which Turkey is following today. These people, who were dismissed from the Turkish Armed Forces with the label of reactionarism, were each of them at the top level of their profession.

These heroes whose only profession is the military, regardless of the dark days of February 28th. They came together without being offended by what the villains and traitors in their state did, without taking the slightest action against their state, without dealing with this dirty structure that was hostile to their own values and religion, and began to seek ways to offer solutions to the blood and tears flowing in the Islamic geography.

Today, just like the army of doctors fighting in cooperation against the Covid-19, they come together in the profession they do best and put everything out, not like the bloody military consultancy services of western imperialist countries provide to the Armies of Islamic Countries, but to provide in accordance with their own moral and cultural structures; they took action to offer solutions to prevent blood and tears, they established a consultancy company called SADAT Defense.

SADAT Defense continues its activities at the point of training and consultancy services in order to provide the organization of the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces in order to meet the most effective and modern needs to ensure the defense and internal security of the country in the light of this assessment by making threat assessments in accordance with the geopolitical situation for the countries it serves.

SADAT Defense is the first and only national defense consultancy company in Islamic countries.

SADAT Defense has angered not only the western masters, which are understood to be rivals to these companies growing with the blood and tears of the western imperialists, but also the western henchmen inside Turkey, who are unable to predict the future of the country, cannot predict the world political development, cannot understand or do not want to understand what is intended to be done in our region with proxy wars, and their national and moral values are enemies. It seems to anger some mentalities that see modernity in westernization, as happened in the February 28 period, turns its back on its own people and country, acts without rational feelings, looks at issues ideologically rather than nationally.

As claimed recently, SADAT Defense is not a defense company that provides illegitimate assassination training, does not support the opposition in our country and in our neighbors with unconventional warfare techniques and has no effect in the turmoil.

On the contrary, by creating and ensuring the continuity of these black propaganda materials in our region, while impoverishing our region by exploiting the underground and aboveground wealth of our region, they want to implement strategies that enrich their own people, restrict and narrow the operation areas of the countries and ultimately make them to leave the region, act in accordance with the laws and only to the official armed forces of the countries. And it is an organization that provides training and consultancy services to forces and police units.

SADAT Defense is also a one hundred percent domestic, purebred Turkish Defense Consultancy Company that does not operate a single activity in Turkey as claimed by some, but brings Turkey's domestic and national, public and private defense industry companies together with the Armed Forces of Islamic Countries.

In the next article, we will talk about the content of the training services given by SADAT Defense.


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