Disclaimer and Denial to False News of Sözcü's Newspaper


In www.sadat.com.tr website and in the article wrote by Can ATAKLI titled "The calmness of Imamoğlu hit the palace with the madness" in 11/04/2019; and another titled " Election's cheat was caught; What more you are waiting for?" in 06/11/2018; Where he used false statements and wrong expressions against my clients "SADAT International Defense Consulting, Construction, Inc." with intent to prove as if they are doing illegal works in front of the public opinion, in order to discredit the client in way contrary to the truth and unreal as an attack on personal rights in addition to distortion of their commercial reputation.

In this regard, writer Can ATAKLI in the news articles used ill-advised phrases that could not be understood by healthy minds after the results of  local elections on 31 March like "SADAT MILITANTS shot in the air in several places without no one cared" in the form of " A crowd of people are demonstrating in front of Meral AKŞENER's house". These people were really from MHP otherwise AKP's militias or SADAT's personnel?

In short, "SADAT International Defense Consulting, Construction, Inc "  that known as SADAT is established in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Law's provisions, it began to do its activities that were carried out in accordance with the law. Founders, partners, and employees respect the law and have immaculate history. They have no suspicious activity to be outside the law as legal persons or even as individuals. SADAT is devoid of any kind of ugly fabrications that are baseless.  All activities of the company are examined by all the units of the State within the scope of Turkish commercial Law and other legal legislations within laws scope, that is a commercial, legitimate, and transparent company, it also does not have any illegal, or secret or covered business.

For this reason, news articles published at sözcü.com.tr contain offensive statements against my client without investigating the facts and indeed ignorant of the true data in this regard, within a conscious smear campaign. It also obvious that they have offensive, defamatory, lies, false content which are using to violate my client personal rights and to affect at the commercial reputation of their company. The client company was never a militia, armed force or armed personnel, as they had expressed in the articles.

Since its establishment in 2012, our company has unfortunately been dealing with similar slanders and smears. However in the same way, the Court's decision was confirmed that the content of perception management against the client company, which were used to allege that the company is carrying out many illegal activities, were mere illusions which none of them were be proven absolutely; and they never represent the reality. Even though SADAT has not opened any investigation regarding these allegations, there are still some untruthful reports on defamation in the same direction.

We allude to the public opinion with our all respect to not taking such news against the client company into consideration which are baseless of truth, and without investigating the facts; whereas this news reach to extent of lying and slandering to discredit the reputation of client company outside of truth that affect on their commercial reputation, honor and dignity.

SADAT International Defense Consulting, Construction, Inc.

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