What is SADAT?

Adnan Tanrıverdi gave an interview to the Posta Newspaper about the establishment of SADAT Defense Company, the activities it made, and the false news that was published about the company in the media.

What is SADAT?

Adnan Tanrıverdi, who resigned from his positions as Senior Advisor to the Presidency and a member of the Security, and Foreign Policy Committee, explained the discussion of "The Mahdi Will Come" to POSTA Newspaper. I also asked Tanrıverdi about SADAT, whose name has been the subject of constant controversy.

SADAT's website contains the following statement: "SADAT Defense is the first and only company in Turkey that provides consultancy and military training in the field of international defense.”

The year 1996…

Adnan Tanrıverdi is explaining ....

  • In 1996, I was at that time head of the Health Department in the Land Forces. We, 10 generals, from the Armed Forces went to Bosnia. Lieutenant General Çetin Doğan, Chief of the General Staff at that period, said when going by plane, an American defense consultancy company has wanted an active-duty soldier within their companies from Turkey.

“Give a person. His rank is not important,” they said. Then, we learned that they went to the late Begoviç (Aliya İzzetbegoviç), and they said, "Let us set up the Bosnian army, prepare it, and hand it over to you.” I also said, "Have we given active personnel?", we gave.

  • At the time, these private military companies, namely defense consulting companies were not on the agenda much, it was a structure that is not in our literature, and it caught my attention at that time.

The year 2009…

  • A few months after this trip, in August (1996) I retired due to the lack of staff. This topic constantly tampered with my mind. So, some global forces are taking the countries into their control through such companies.

 Trains and equips its Armed Forces, etc.

  • In 2009, a 450-page book called the "Rental Armies" was published. When I read this book
  • It talks about that American company in Bosnia
  • There were 70 such companies in the USA around the world at that time. And which company is involved in which countries, which fields of activity, are written in that book.
  • 5 of them are in Saudi Arabia. Each has a capital of more than $5 million. There are almost 10 retired generals. Apart from that, there are at least 1,200 high-ranking soldiers in each.

 In each company ... If we collect in this way, approximately 60 retired generals, and about 6-7 thousand retired soldiers are in the decision-making bodies of Saudi Arabia as advisors or in some way.

One of the five companies is training, equipping, managing the guardians' units of the king, then… one is training, managing military academies, one of the land forces, one is air force and maintenance repair systems of the air defense forces, and one of them is performing maintenance repair systems of the naval forces… ‘the US is doing so, we also can do it’

  • I said that when I saw this picture, the young states established after World War II need military support from countries with a long-standing military tradition. And they have prepared their legislation accordingly, with private companies set up through these soldiers, and keep these countries under their control.
  • In that case, our Armed Forces have a long-standing military tradition, let us organize our retired soldiers, create an environment that will serve the countries in need, on a state-level basis, their armed forces, including consulting and very special issues, in terms of education and equipment.

They said, "The Secret Army of the President of the Republic.”

But this is the return, sir "The Secret Army of the President of the Republic", here is something else… Look at SADAT's website about the topics we train, our activity areas, etc. Of course, there are many technical subjects such as the 'raid, ambush, anti-compass' etc.

They tweeted them from there to reflect them as a 'terrorist organization' or a 'counter-guerrilla' structure… or as if they were a design force against the government or the public.

  • In fact, they are companies that do not have domestic duties and will support those countries only based on the state, under the agreements that will be concluded with those countries and the local law of those countries. So is SADAT. At that time, we of course said to the government "Support such companies". "Check also their activity, put them under control," we said.

"There is a law on the control of Defense Industrial production. Here, let us put the title of the 'defense industry service sector' in this law. These are used of the state as an instrument of foreign policy, under its control, in the areas it wants. The state has formal, defense industry co-operation agreements.

We can reach the areas that cannot reach through those companies that are comprised of retired soldiers." we said. That is what we are defending today. This is also the function of SADAT.

Activities are in progress

We fulfilled this function. It is still being done; it is going on. We are currently serving one country effectively. Other than that, we have countries with which we are associated. They are demanding projects, projects are developed, agreements are being made with countries on-demand, and services are being provided.

The topic consists of this.


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