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We have been aware that everything changed very quickly in the world for a while now, however, are countries ready for this much fast change. What does Turkey live in itself at this process? The question is right here. We have been sleeping and getting up with Covid-19 for days on end. Beside the equilibrium of the world, here where we say that our psychology is broken ...

Let us go back to our main subject...

There is no single country was left without reaching and getting infected by Covid-19, which started in China. While world is fighting Corona and some countries are almost in silent war position, it is necessary to look at what is happening in Turkey.

We cannot say that the main opposition CHP does everything except its duty and shows a very constructive situation regarding to the social peace of the country. I do not see a problem in saying that each of them plays on a chord, especially the group deputies, revealing mind-blowing situation.

Turkey was praised in the world press as a result of world leaders ’meetings with President Erdoğan in the struggle against Coved-19 and asked for help from Turkey on some issues, it is supposed to encourage the opposition to be proud of Turkey, I think there is no logical explanation of the rage degrees became.

The declaration made by Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, can be interpreted as the most genius deficiency even in terms of political ethics. Kılıçdaroğlu Erdoğan's description as insufficient, accusing the ministers of incompetence and manipulation of the foreign press in some cases is read as anti-Turkish. Defending this, like a trick, results in both the group and the flank taking them to the wrong places in history.

It should not be ignored that some CHP deputies are managed in a coordinated manner by FETÖ's men, surrounded by objectionable names during their trips abroad. I think it is not lobby's activities to have a combination of foreign service operations behind closed doors by dark users of Engin Özkoç and his friends FETÖ together. The necessary measures must be taken against this and all such structures.

Let us go to the good party ... they got American disease as if this group had no other problems. Wherewith the CIA works as the representative of Turkey. It is irony to find that all the statements made by America against Turkey are also against the good party ... this case started to be revealed. Positive developments that occurred after the announcement of Turkey the continental shelf, I do not think there is a rationale equivalent for Ümit Özdağ to carry out his mission of criticizing his country in the name of the West.

In order to understand to whom Ümit Özdağ who criticize his country and his group, are working against exclusive economic agreements, it should be investigated in fine details. For example, it is not an accident that he criticized SADAT A.Ş. and provided false information to many presses. I find that it is not logical to put SADAT and its administration on target. Only Greek, British, or the United States can oppose this institution, Ş.T.İ, which is a special defense company. Also, there is the FETÖ's group, which is trying to establish a state within a state ... and the private codes in the statements that Ms. Meral introduces from time to time, before and after July 15, are still mystery as a criminal case.

Did we ask ourselves what would happen if we were a Turkey subsequently the opposition's expectation?

I think if President Kanaan Evren were in this country, the government had already been separated, Libya was left to the French, and no exclusive economic space was needed. Muslims would probably be filled in fortified prisons and subjected to all kinds of torture. Furthermore, perhaps due to NATO's love, Izmir and Cyprus could even be given to Greece. The man who took the Greeks to NATO by coup is selling even his country…

If President of the assembly, Hüsamettin Cindoruk, had organized all laws and sessions in the name of Israel and the West, and all Islamic groups would have declared terrorists and enacted all kinds of laws. I even think that; he used all his powers for the civil war and in order to carry out the coup, he prepared all the ground for the soldier....

If the president of the constitutional court, Yekta Güngör Özden, was on duty; he would shut down religious parties every day according to his mail and drag the country’s history to the deepest places.  

If İsmail Hakkı Karadayı, was the Chief of General Staff, he would take all FETÖ children to the army as the golden generation quietly and make the army a servant of the Cones silently. Perhaps he would run the tanks down the streets and take down the government.  

If you were asking why I gave all these examples, in order to ask yourselves with a little conscience ... this country was governed by individuals who were carrying out these tasks and the same duties until this time. We do not want to see the old Turkey. Let us not ignore how our current government is struggling with both domestic and foreign issues. Let us not be ungrateful to the authority that loves the country and fights for its nation. The purpose is not to praise President Erdoğan, but if we want to praise a person here, we will discuss very different aspects, but the issue here is the homeland. Seeing that a leader struggles by making every effort on behalf of his country strengthens the spirit of the homeland. While the economic crisis that started with Covid-19 was about to swallow almost all states, some of us sat looking for the stage ... Please set the ungratefulness aside for once and embrace this country.  

That is, it AhSalam Alaikum




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