How is The Palestine Question Solved?



This question will be solved with the method used by Israel, that is, when Palestine puts a military power balancing the military power of Israel up against Israel.

Peaceful approaches will not bring Israel to justice.

Israel relies on its power and the Western support.

The weakness and the loneliness of Palestine make Israel even more aggressive.

Israel will continue to exert military power on the Palestinian People until they reach their goals.

The lack of unity within the Palestinian Government is regarded strange by its allies, purported allies and open enemies.

But it is ignored that the land is under military occupation by an illegitimate occupying state planning to place their people on each vulnerable and unguarded part of the land.

Does the fact that other states are not in war mean that they are in unity as regards to their domestic and foreign policies? Is it likely that they do not have any opponents, some of which even perform destructive acts? Under these circumstances, how can the crack in the government of Palestine be regarded strange, even knowing that it is under occupation?

The People of Palestine should not be treated unfairly. The addressee should not be the actors of chaos in the territory but the parliament to receive the votes of the majority of Palestinian People, and the government to come into power with these votes. The land is to be provided with the financial and military support needed. This is the only way to unity.


Palestine is the common problem of Islamic countries. This is the very same for other Muslim Countries under occupation.

They should be provided with the support they need.

The primary step should be to provide help to lift the blockade on Palestine.

A sea corridor should be established for Gaza and an air corridor to Ramallah so that the humanitarian aid will be securely conveyed. The liaison of Palestine with the globe should not be left at the mercy of Israel.

This requires open support by Islamic countries.

Every effort should be made including use of force.


The persecution on Palestine should be regarded as a test that should be taken by the Islamic countries, and they should avail themselves of its unifying effect.

The Islamic countries should realize their inherent power and rescue themselves from their current idle position.

With one and a half billion inhabitants, underground and aboveground sources of energy, a significant geopolitical position and size enabling control over land, sea and air transportations, the World of Islam is only lack of the ability to establish the mechanisms exhibiting a joint will which would be sufficient for them to become the world’s leader.

ISLAM is adequate as a unifying factor.

And, the power required can be met by the geography possessed only if the Islamic countries act in concert.


Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) should be brought to a more active position.

"Islamic Conference of Ministers of Defense," should be included in the affiliates and "Standing Committee on Defense Cooperation" and "Standing Committee on Cooperation in Defense Industry" should be included in the Committees.

The Islamic countries should be brought together as follows and in view of their geopolitical positions and racial links:

  • Confederate Muslim Arab States of the Middle East (Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Yemen)

  • Confederate Muslim Turk States of the Central Asia (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Türkiye, Turkmenistan)

  • Confederate Muslim States of the Near East (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan)

  • Confederate Muslim States of the Far East (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia)

  • Confederate Muslim North African States (Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia)

  • Confederate Muslim African States of the Ocean Basin (Western Sahara, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Gambia, Gina, Guinea-Bissau, Cameroon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Guyana, Suriname)

  • Confederate Muslim African States of the Red Sea Basin (Djibouti, Eritrea, Comoros, Mozambique, Somalia, Sudan)

  • Confederate Muslim European States

and primarily, neighboring states should sign nonaggression treaties between each other and then enter into Defense Cooperation Agreements.

States which are members to Regional Unions should be unified under a federative structure and Regional Unions under a confederative structure with the ultimate goal of establishing the Islamic Unity; the efforts should be oriented towards achievement of this goal.

Although sufficient economic and technological power is an extremely important factor for the unity, it must not be ignored that the ability to act in cooperation and to direct available sources to the same objective is a very significant factor which will accelerate the emergence of economic, technological, military and political power.


Each of the Islamic Countries is individually dependent on non-Muslim countries in terms of defensive weapons. They are incapable of manufacturing a major part of their war weapons and munitions. This situation causes weakness in their defense.

This problem may easily be overcome if they unite.

If the initial cooperation is realized in the Defense Industry, the Islamic Countries will become able to act more independently and have the power to prevent any potential intrusion effectively.

Establishment of Defense Industry requires technology, financial sources and a broad market.

Muslim Countries will be able to create the required conditions if they unite their facilities. Resources may be oriented towards technologically capable states. Defense needs can be met by manufacturing weapons and munitions and unifying the manufactured items of different countries. No state would be willing to establish war industry on its own sources and technology solely for its own needs. Türkiye possesses the technology to manufacture each item of major armaments. However, the initial manufacturing process requires financial resources and continuity of the manufacturing process requires a broad market.

If facilities are unified, the number of tanks manufactured can be increased from four - five thousand up to one hundred thousand tanks, aircrafts from five-six hundred up to ten thousand, warships from five hundred up to fifteen thousand, and helicopters from four hundred up to ten thousand.

If Confederate Muslim States become able to manufacture their own weapons and cooperation is established between them in terms of defense, their resources will not be exploited by countries threatening them, and intrusions will be strictly prevented.

This stage can be achieved within ten years at the latest.

If we set this aim for ourselves, we can actively prevent aggression towards Muslim countries.


As for Palestine;

How can PALESTINE assure a balance against the military power of Israel? If each of sixty Islamic Countries can individually grant each item of major modern combat vehicles (tanks, aircrafts, helicopters, submarines, etc.) to Palestine; if the Islamic Countries having coasts on the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the Oceans grant “NAVAL BASES”; the Islamic neighboring countries of Israel grant “ARMY BASES” and the Islamic Countries within the range of warplanes of Israel grant “AIR BASES” to Palestine; if all Islamic countries enter into a Nonaggression and Defense Agreement with the elected de jure Government of Palestine; if they train Palestinian soldiers on bases in their country with the granted weapons and in other military subjects; it is strongly likely that Palestine will have a modern army consisting of land, marine and air forces on military bases of allied countries in maximum five years.


A “Rapid Reaction Force” should be constituted by the Islamic Countries at Army Corps level, which will consist of armored brigade, airborne brigade and commando brigade for utilization in areas of conflict on the Islamic Geography, be affiliated to a joint command and allow land, sea and land transportation.


A FAIR, ACCEPTABLE and PERMANENT PEACE ENVIRONMENT between Palestine and Israel will be possible only after realization of these conditions.

Palestinian People do their share. Now it’s the turn of other Muslim Nations. February 12th, 2009




Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired Brigadier General

Chairman of the Board of Directors of SADAT Inc.

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