Israel is Enemy of Humanity (May 31, 2010)

Israel is Enemy of Humanity

The humanitarian aid convoy heading to Gaza, which had 600 people and 6 ships from 50 countries, was attacked from land and air by the Israeli Armed Forces at 04:30 on 31 May 2010, while it was sailing in the international waters of the Mediterranean.

According to the information received, as of this hour (31 May at 15:00), there are 19 martyrs and 60 injured. I wish the mercy of Allah for the martyrs of humanitarian aid and urgent recovery to the wounded.

Attacking humanitarian aid ships with weapons means fighting the people of the countries sending the ship, and especially the Turkish people.

Attacking the civilian, unarmed, and charitable people with guns has once again revealed the real face of ISRAEL. It is an Enemy of Humanity.

This bloody assault will be the beginning of the end of Israel.

The initiative is a murder that could be carried out by fears of arms on their hands that do not fit in international law, human values, and do not have a state-owned consciousness.

Political, military, social, and economic reactions required by the Islamic world and all free world countries, notably Turkey, should be shown.

The realities revealed by assault are:

  • Israel is preparing a firearm response plan against similar incidents and stinging it into the application area without hesitation.
  • The free world does not take measures to deter Israel's determination.
  • Israel only understands using power. The attempt to deter it should be armed intervention with the same ruthlessness.
  • Meanwhile, it should be noted that armed pressure on the Naval Forces barracks in Skenderun, where 7 of our soldiers were killed and seven of our soldiers were wounded, could be retaliating Israel to the humanitarian convoy for support of Turkish Civil Society organizations. Therefore, any Israeli support for the terrorist organization PKK must be disclosed and be reciprocated with the same.
  • Turkey must be put in the power and position to carry land, air, and sea power and operate across borders and strategic distances to enable effective and independent action in the region.
  • While the attempt to bring humanitarian aid to Palestine is paramount support, it remains a rather passive attempt against an Israel that disregards humanitarian values. The main issue should be either to engage with the International military force or to ensure that Palestine can deal with Israel and get to the military force that will deter them from the attacks. In addition, such relief initiatives should be protected by international military force.

While six and a half billion people remained insensitive, this movement of 600 idealist and humanitarian values took action against the inhumane blockade in Gaza, in order to this movement would not be fruitless;

  • Humanitarian aid ships should not be left to Israel, they should definitely be delivered to Gaza and reach the target of the initiative.
  • The volunteers in the aid convoy must be transported safely to their home countries.
  • The humanitarian aid line to Gaza from the sea must be established and operated.

Turkey must take responsibility in this emerging crisis. The Islamic World and the international community should be mobilizing by Turkey. May 31, 2010

Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired Brigadier General

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