SADAT Defense is on the agenda of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey


Relying on the slanderous articles of a person whose identity and whereabouts are unknown (Fuat Avni) and a former intelligence officer living in the USA (Mehmet Eymür) and some media reports that support these articles, Fikri Sağlar, who became suspicious by choosing some of the more than twenty educational topics on the website of SADAT Defense, submitted a parliamentary question to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, including six issues, about SADAT and its Founder, Retired General Adnan Tanrıverdi, demanded to be answered by the Prime Minister.

Before answering the questions of Mr. Sağlar, it would be appropriate to give brief information about the people who brought SADAT Defense to the agenda.

Mehmet Eymür is a person who rose to the head of departments in our National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and served in this institution for 27 years. He was fired from MIT when he never returned to the country despite being recalled from Washington, where he was sent as his last assignment. He currently resides in the USA.

MIT is one of our most national organizations. 

If Mehmet Eymür, who served this agency for 27 years, chose to live in the United States in Turkey, wouldn't it bring to mind whether he served the CIA instead of Turkey for 27 years and is still serving those centers?

Mehmet Eymür; In his website, which he established with the slogan "Atin - Anatolian Turkish Internet - Do not be afraid, to tell the truth", in his article entitled "Hacı Pasha's Constitution" dated May 30, 2016, he examined our proposal for the constitution, that we sent to the new constitution-making committee for the presidency of Parliament in 2011, Today we have the same opinion, and in the same article, a mockery of SADAT and its activities. 

Instead of reminding our ancestors of the Ottoman Geography, which reached 20 million square kilometers by applying for 600 years, our request in our Constitution proposal, "it should be arranged according to the principles of the regional unitary state and administrative autonomy" as the form of government of our country, we signed the Sykes-Picot sharing agreement signed between England, France and Russia on May 16, 1916, and that this rag reminds us of the bullshit map, we found it thought-provoking.

SADAT Defense, which is on the way to replace 70 US Defense Consulting companies that have sort of taken over the Islamic world. And given the writings of this person against the Chairman of the Board, is it not considered that SADAT Defense is on the right track?

Do the American defense consulting companies provide defense advice to Islamic countries and the SADAT Defense does not? Do the American companies provide what these countries need in terms of military training, and SADAT Defense does not do it?

Should we not be surprised by those pens and politicians who attack the SADAT Defense based on the writing of a person who does not know which party he serves in view of his whereabouts?

On the other hand, the slanderer, who does not know who he is and where he lives but is believed to be a spokesman for the leader of the parallel group, who uses the pseudonym Fuat Avni, began publishing sentences full of charlatans, all of which are lies except for the names of the SADAT Defense and its founder, retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi, as of June 25 / June 2016 in 36 sections on Twitter.

In the statements of this slanderer, he made unfounded serious slanders and used insulting expressions about Mr. President by placing SADAT Defense and its activities in a position of mystery.

SADAT Defense has been on the target of similar slanders since September 2012. This kind of black propaganda and slander will not be able to dismiss the members of the SADAT and prevent its service.

We want to be known that we will continue to serve on our legal line with the belief that these regulators are in control of external focus.

Before moving on to Mr. Sağlar's questions; Relying on the malicious publications made about SADAT Defense in 2012, the Main Opposition Party Deputies of the time; Ali Rıza Öztürk, Bülent Tezcan, and Ali İhsan Köktürk also presented the "Research Proposals" to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey with the request of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of National Defense to be answered, the press statement of SADAT Defense against the smear campaigns on September 7, 2012, entitled "SADAT is on the Right Way", and the MPs of the Main Opposition Party, it is useful to also consider the answers given to the questions. (Press Release> 'SADAT IS ON THE RIGHT WAY')

As for the questions of Mr. Fikri Sağlar;

  1. SADAT Defense is a Joint Stock Company established in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 and the Company's Articles of Association are published in the Commercial Registry Newspaper and its establishment is approved. It was established in accordance with the establishment procedure of Joint Stock Companies.
  2. The Ministries of Commerce and National Defense have been informed of the establishment of SADAT Defense. Relevant Ministries did not prevent the establishment. SADAT Defense has no aim or claims to be an alternative to the Turkish Armed Forces. It has a mission to be an alternative to the companies of the global powers, which consist of retired soldiers, in Islamic Countries that only the Turkish Armed Forces could not reach. SADAT Defense also advocates that the number of Defense Consulting companies in our country should be encouraged to increase, as it will contribute to the interests of the country and to our official foreign policies.
  3. SADAT Defense continues its promotional activities and negotiations with some countries on a project basis.
    Since the day it was founded, it has not provided any country or group with any legal or illegal training service in the country or abroad.
    SADAT Defense holds discussions with the official authorities in some countries about consulting, training, and supplies (establishing and operating maintenance and repair systems for the armed forces) in the fields of defense and internal security, in the concerned countries and based on the project under the special legislation of those countries.
    SADAT Defense has initiatives to buy and sell Defense Industry products. Import, export, and transit passages of Defense Industry products are subject to control. Under international agreements, the production, purchase, and sale of these materials are subject to the supervision of the state’s party to the agreement. Domestic and international shipment of defense industry products is not possible without the permission of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. SADAT Defense is also subjects to the same provisions.
  4. SADAT Defense does not have any training facilities or camps in the country or abroad. All claims in this field are slander.
    We have a proposed law (a proposal to amend the establishment of the defense industries services sector by Laws No. 5201 and 5202) that allows the establishment of a training center that operates under the control of the Ministry of National Defense at home, and to ensure that advisory and training services and equipment in the fields of defense and internal security abroad are under the control of the Ministry of National Defense as well as in Defense industry production. This auspicious service door, which will enable the benefit of our country internationally, the support of our foreign policy, the development of our defense industry, and the increased opportunities for defense cooperation, has been blocked since 2012 with similar doodling campaigns triggered by external forces.
  5. SADAT Defense does not have training camps.
    SADAT Defense has no interest or connection to ISIL (DAESH-DAESH-ISIS-ISIL) and any other terrorist organization and is not possible.
  6. SADAT Defense has not ever trained guerrilla in any country or organization in and out of the country.
    SADAT Defense has the opportunity and ability to provide Unlawful Warfare (GNH) training to the Armed Forces of the countries in need, in their own countries, in accordance with their own legal regulations. No (GNH) unlawful warfare training has been given to any country so far. Currently, similar companies of global powers provide this training to countries in need. This issue, which is viewed with suspicion by SADAT SA, depends on the national needs of countries. Especially in the fight against terrorist organizations under the control of global powers, Islamic countries need to train such specially trained units. If SADAT or another Turkish company or the TAF does not meet this demand, global powers train both the terrorist and the counter-terrorism forces in the relevant country.
    This type of training offered by SADAT Defense abroad cannot cause any distress to the state. Only the state, which is unaware of this opportunity, will be deprived of using this opportunity as a foreign policy instrument.
    To have this opportunity, the Law proposal of SADAT Defense must be taken seriously and pass the Turkish Grand National Assembly. In this way, it will be possible to provide this training within the country under the strict control of the state.


SADAT Defense is a company to be encouraged, not to worry about the interests of the country.

We recall that by participating in defamation campaigns, our right to appeal before the judiciary will be reserved against those who wish to inflict financial and incorporeal harm on the SADAT Defense.


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