Public Opinion Announcement - Monday, June 27, 2016


Recently, it has been observed that there have been publications defaming our Company in the press and social media sites. The issues that we have explained before are often brought up again and again with the logic of leaving a trail in the mud. The owners of these claims we have brought to the judiciary have been sentenced to various punishments.

The duty to respond to the needs of countries in Islamic geography that need the support of the armed forces with deep-rooted traditions has emerged from the duty to respond to the needs of these countries in areas under the control of our state and following its foreign policy, through SADAT Defense organization that consists of skilled and patriotic soldiers - sensitive spiritualists who retired from the Turkish Armed Forces.

Today, among the global powers that want to design the Islamic Geography, only the USA, 70 Defense Consulting companies, consisting of retired soldiers, operate in accordance with the interests of the USA in three Islamic countries. The aim of SADAT Defense is to save the Islamic Countries, where the Turkish Armed Forces could not reach, from the attacks of these companies.

When our company was established in 2012 as the first and only company in its field, an application was made to the Ministry of National Defense by preparing the Facility Private Security Document (TÖGEK), which will establish the principles of auditing the "Defense Industry Service Sector", which includes the scope of its activities and how it should be audited by the relevant authorities of our State.  Shortly after the application was made, some media organizations directed by the panicked groups started a smear campaign against our company saying, "Come check us out". In the lawsuits filed by us against the media organization that carried out this campaign, the judicial proceedings were completed, and the relevant organization was sentenced to pay compensation to our company, and in fact, a judgment of conviction was issued to the persons concerned, because the statements and refutation texts that we sent after this news were not published.

At the same time, the Department of Defense Technical Services informed us in a written letter that the defense industry services sector is not subject to any legislation and there are no oversight functions in our country. Our company prepared the draft laws for the inclusion of the Defense Industry Service Sector in the laws numbered 5201 and 5202, which regulate the legislation related to the Defense Industry, and carried out studies before the Parliament, the Presidency, the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, as the country's agenda turned into a state of emergency after the Gezi events that started in the middle of 2013 and the parallel structures that emerged within the State afterward, our initiatives could not reach a conclusion.

It is significant that since the beginning of 2016, we have made attempts at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Presidency, the Prime Ministry, and the Ministry of National Defense, and that a smear campaign has been started again by the same press and media organs with the same allegations.

SADAT Defense, a joint-stock company established under the provisions of private law, built on national and moral values, considering the needs and interests of our country and the Islamic World, and which has made it a mission to serve in the fields of military expertise based on states, in other words, it is a commercial institution.

The legislation proposed by SADAT Defense is revolutionary regulations that will have a positive impact on Turkish Foreign Policy.

SADAT Defense has not received instructions, support, and assistance from any other center other than the common will of the founding members.

SADAT Defense has a principle of being transparent in its activities and acting on the legal line.

SADAT Defense is not aware of any legal and illegal activities that are tried to be attributed in the domestic political field in our country, has never been and will never be involved in it.

SADAT Defense has neither organization nor activity in Turkey to provide services in its field.

SADAT Defense deals with States in Islamic Countries and has no relations with any organization other than states or with organizations that are not considered legitimate by their states.

SADAT Defense has become a serious competitor of companies belonging to global powers in Islamic Geography.

Those targeting SADAT Defense and its founders are internal and external elements who have embraced the service of global powers.

As a result, the developments in the ongoing process related to the international relations of SADAT Defense and the legislative work that will open the door to the formation of similar companies interfered with their interests and were negatively affected by the international conflicts and the Turkish Republic. A smear campaign has been launched against our company by local and alienated pens, fueled by destructive opposition to the President, Government, and political will. These baseless, unmeasured, completely imaginary slanders will be brought back to court by our company. It is announced to the public opinion with respect.

Board of Directors of SADAT International Defense Consulting Construction Industry and Trade Inc.


Note: Click here to access the relevant court decisions.