Frogman Basic Training Programmes

Basic frogman training contains using some tools, first aid techniques and recognizing all underwater vehicles in order to gain ability to work underwater after two star international divers training.

Frogman Training 01

Initial Requirements for Courses

  1. Knowledge of basic swimming techniques
  2. 3000 meters run with 10 kg back pack in 30 minutes or less
  3. 150 meters free swim in 4 minutes or less

Candidates showing success during tests of above requirements are accepted into the frogman basic training programmes.

Training Subjects

  1. Swimming course
  2. Basic rescue course
  3. Basic frogman course
  4. Basic first aid course
  5. Underwater search and rescue
  6. Underwater transportation means
  7. Altitude diving techniques
  8. Underwater team operation
  9. Dangereus underwater marine animals

Skills to Be Gained At the End of the Courses
At the end of the course, candidates showing the qualification of;

  1. Knowledge of basic frogman techniques
  2. Knowledge and applications of advanced diving techniques
  3. Knowledge of night diving techniques
  4. Ability to such as assembly, disassembly and welding under water
  5. Knowledge of first aid rules for drowning person
  6. Ability to application of search and rescue operation in sea

are awarded with certificates of ''two star diver'' and ''frogman''

Duration of Course
Trainings including theoretical trainings, practices and simulations last 6 weeks in total.

Frogman Training 02

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